Time Flies (When You're Not Looking)

I have noticed that I have a bad habit of looking at the time. Often. It's hard not to do so when you have a computer clock, a phone clock, a cell phone and a mirror (to see who's sneaking  up behind me this time) with a clock.

And all of them say different times. The phone clock is phone time, the computer clock is server time, the cell phone I consider to be real time and the mirror clock I try to have set to time clock time.  And they are anywhere from 2 minutes to 5 minutes different from each other.  It gets difficult trying to do the math from one clock to another so I try to go by just my cell phone and the time clock.  Yes, I know I could set my cell phone to the time clock but with how quickly it gains or loses time (depending on its moods) I'd be constantly changing that. Then I would be late or early all the time. That would drive me nuts.

I also have several alarms. I have my noon alarm for changing positions and my 4:25 alarm to remember to take my laptop home (in case I haven't used it) because if I'm not using it, I might forget I brought it in.  Setting the 4:25 alarm is quite helpful because then I have no need to watch the clock. 

If I didn't have to do math between the times I would just not have any other clocks visible and just go by the cell phone. Unfortunately, it doens't always work that way.

The Many Layers of Being a Nice Person

happy bunny.jpgIf you've ever prevented yourself from doing a double-take and clamped your mouth shut at the same time, you might be a nice person. If you've ever stood there and waited patiently for someone on a store-scooter to get where they are going, you might be a nice person. If you've ever listened to a person spout off things that make your eyeballs twitch while smiling and nodding because you didn't want to get them riled up any further, you might be a nice person. Please note, just because you might be a nice person doesn't mean you're also a pushover. Although you might be one of those poor nice people who can't seem to figure out how to use the word "no" and are therefore overwhelmed, stressed to the max, sleeping poorly and can't seem to find time to sit down quietly and read that book/watch that movie/insert hobby here, it's time to learn the proper use of the word "no" in order to regain your sanity.

I am a reforming nice person. Reforming because I still tend to use the word 'yes' a little too often and as soon as I do it backfires and I have a million other little tasks {this will only take 5 minutes} piled on top of the one thing I said yes to by others who didn't know. {Or bother to ask, or care to know, or didn't bother going through the proper chain of command because why would they do that?}  These are the people who walk all over nice people. They toss something on their chair when they aren't at their desk or they call and ask you to run errands when they are perfectly capable of doing it on their own; they are just too lazy to do so. These are the people who come to you and say 'please please PLEASE just this one little thing...' and so you do it but then when you need something and go to ask them for assistance they are too busy and full of excuses, or if they say yes they never get to it and by the time they let you know {if you're so nice that you haven't nagged them about it like they would you} it's too late to bother.

There are ways you can stop the madness. Practice saying 'no' about something small. "No, I can't stay late tonight, I have {insert real or fake family related plans here} and I have to leave right at {insert leaving time here}." Eventually you'll be able to work your way up to saying no to projects that you don't have time for, folding other people's one piece of mail {then stuffing it, sealing and stamping it as well}. Once you get all of your regular duties under control, organized and finished early then you can add more projects here and there. However, if you have a supervisor, make sure that they are going to your supervisor before coming to you. If they can't seem to handle that, then talk to your supervisor. Hopefully he or she will be kind {or awesome} enough to stick up for you as your time is also their time and your work is also a reflection on them.

While people don't always follow the 'see my supervisor' role where I am working I do let him know what is going on and this way he can keep tabs on how much people are utilizing my skills*. I try to keep track of everything I do, whether it's something repetitive or new, even if it is a one time project. There are some one time projects that can go on forever because people have no clue how to do things in the proper order. In other words, if you have a bunch of items you want to put into a book for each employee, then you should make sure all of those items are updated with current information prior to having someone assemble the book. These things happen and in my personal opinion if the other people involved in the project are disorganized and they didn't go through my supervisor regarding it then it is low priority and can sit and wait until my high priority projects are completed.

 If you learn to respect yourself, believe in your skills and teach others that you are not a doormat, eventually {some of them anyway} will learn that they can't just throw something on your desk without asking first.


{*abusing my lack of time}

Life and Love

If all you look for in life and love is a pretty package, all you'll find is misunderstanding, loneliness and resentment. Not only in the person you are with but also within yourself.

Said by Me.

I happened to reply to a tweet about the reality shows The Bachelor/Bachelorette the other day about if they need a tv show to find love how is there hope for the rest of us. I replied "if you need to go on a tv show to show just how undateable you are that's when you're totally lost". Now, let me explain a little more. I don't watch these shows. I rarely watch reality tv at all. I hate reality tv because it's a lie. There is nothing real about it at all. However, I don't have cable and I don't have DVR or TiVo so if I watch actual television, instead of Netflix, Hulu, etc, I end up seeing commercials for these shows. Just the commercials put me off of them. There is so much drama just in the commercials it makes me want to change the channel. 

 I think a lot of what's wrong with the country we live in today is the fact that people watch these reality tv shows and think it is appropriate to act like the people do on tv. They have warnings when watching MythBusters for a reason. McDonald's had to put a warning on their hot coffee cups due to someone's stupidity. There are a lot of days I agree with the ecard/meme going around that says remove all warning labels and notices so that natural selection and common sense can take place.

To get back to the story, there was a reply made saying something along the lines of not everyone can look like me. To which I replied the first portion of my quote up top. Honestly though, if you have become a person who can't find anyone to date maybe there is something wrong with you and perhaps you need a little time being single and finding out who you are or want to become. Sometimes that might include professional help, but not always. I would recommend professional help if you're having trouble dealing with stress and anxiety about being single. 

Life isn't about to get any easier unless we learn that how we treat others and how we treat objects are two seriously confused things right now. 

Don't be the Biatch at the Beach

westbranchbeach.jpgThat photo to the left is quite deceiving as it was an amazingly perfect beach day on Sunday. It was the first time this summer that I have gotten to go to the beach with the way the weather has been lately. I enjoy going to the beach, I really do. I get to do a little swimming. I get to float and let the waves bob me along and I get to lay on a blanket outside and close my eyes without much notice. Now, don't get me wrong. I do not sleep when I'm at the beach. There are too many people around for that sort of thing. 

Also, there are too many yelling and screaming parents accompanied by crying children as well. I just don't understand. You take kids to the beach so that you can tell them to go play and then what? You sit in your chair screaming and yelling at them to stop doing this or that. What was the point of leaving the house if you're just going to scream and yell at your kids? They just want to play in the sand. Why aren't you playing in the sand with them? They want to go swimming. Why aren't you in the water with them? Oh, right, you have to smoke that cigarrette. Or perhaps you're too tired. I just don't see the point of taking your children out into the world for any reason if all you're going to do is sit there, bitch to your friend about how much life sucks while yelling at your kids in between whining sessions. So why don't we try something new, mmmkay? The night before bringing your children, who just want to play in the sand and splash in the water, to the beach you go to bed an hour or so earlier. Maybe then you'll have the energy to swim with them and build sand castles with them instead of just yelling at them from your chair.  Why have kids if you aren't going to enjoy them?

Dear Daughter...

anmprom13-reflection.jpgMy daughter is graduating today and then she'll be running away to University in August. Am I prepared for this? How do you prepare to send your only child off into the world even when it's not all that far away? You remind yourself that she's no longer a child, she's an adult with dreams and desires and a life full of opportunities ahead of her. You realize that even though you are sending her out into that world, that world that will not treat her as kindly as you'd like, she will always forever be your child. When things get rough she will turn to you and ask 'why' and when things are going great she might not call all that often because she's spreading her wings and riding high on the fun opportunities presented to her.  Even though she will come home on some weekends to do laundry you might not get to see her all that much because she will be running off to do things with friends who are also home for that weekend and she hasn't seen them for ages.  You both have been together for 18+ years. Just because she is going to be sleeping in a dorm suite a few hours drive away doesn't mean she isn't still technically living at home.  Most of her things will still be in her room and it'll even remain clean more often than having piles of clothes on the floor.  {And if you miss her so very much and want it to feel like she's there you can always go throw her clothes on the floor... just don't tell her that!}

So how do you send your child off into the great big world? Well loved, well nutured and with the knowledge that she can still call you whenever and come home whenever and that you'll still be there all the time, just like you are now, except a little further away. You send her silly care packages to let her know that you saw something and thought it was something she needed to see, even if it's something she'd have no interest in, just because she wasn't there to share in the moment.    You make sure to annoy her when she's home so that she's sure to annoy you back to carry you through the weeks that she isn't going to be home. Make sure to laugh and do fun things when she's home and that way she'll want to come back. 

Remember that she is an adult and is capable of making her own choices. That sometimes you won't agree with the choices that she makes but the best way to learn is to go out there and live life on your own terms. Of course, she'll always be your baby girl and regardless of how far she goes in life she'll always know that if she needs her momma, she'll be there.

I'm so proud of my daughter. I hope that everything she wants in life comes true and I know that she knows with some hard work and good choices that it will.

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