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All kinds of things have been happening in the past few weeks. The Little Lady and I left California behind (we will miss many people and many places) to return to the snowy depths of Northeast Ohio. There are a lot of reasons why we left, which I won’t bother going through. I know, most people air all their dirty laundry on the internet but I got over that stage (other than complaining about schools, drivers and other parents… people in general) a long time ago.

Since arriving I’ve been feeling much better about life in general. I have a job, I have friends I can go and see and meet with and I can pursue new hobbies and interests as they come to me. I am definitely going to pursue photography and graphic design in all it’s glorious ways. While I have been doing these things previously, most photography was kept close to home, or on some occasions I hadn’t thought to bring my camera (shame on me). I am going to start keeping it with me more often, to the point of bringing it on every day trips. You never know when I’ll see something worth taking a photo of.

Here’s a slideshow from my Picasa page of photos that I have taken of the house and backyard:

I hope that will suffice for now. The one titled ‘sunnyday’ is the best backyard photo ever. Enjoy.

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