Velvet Hide and Seek

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Velvet has been playful, lovable and downright hilarious. I made her a ball of yarn and she tears it apart on a regular basis, at least when she isn’t carrying it around in her mouth mewoing. She throws it and chases it and attacks it. She backs it into corners. It’s quite entertaining.

velvet-hiding1.jpg Now she wants to play hide and seek. You can see her paws and tail sticking out. So I told her “Velvet, I can see your paws.” So she hid her paws from me. The unfortunate thing is that she forgot that her tail was still sticking out. But I just let her be and pretended I couldn’t find her after snapping a photo and walking away.

velvet-hiding2.jpg And then there she is after coming out of hiding. She simply doesn’t believe that I ever even knew where she was hiding. Do you see Velvet’s fur coat? She’s happy and healthy and her fur is growing back amazingly fast. I haven’t seen her full coated since a couple of years after we got her. She’s a very stressed kitty normally and tends to chew on herself. Since we moved here she hasn’t done any of the constant chewing and looks so much better for it.


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