Dear CenturyLink

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I’ve been holding back for a little while now because I figured the issues I have been having are due to the merger between Embarq and CenturyTel to become CenturyLink were temporary. I miss Embarq. They were always helpful and replaced my dsl box several times for free when they started burning out over and over for whatever reason (cheap materials had nothing to do with it I swear). Now that I have returned to Ohio, they have merged with CenturyTel, whoever the hell they are. I’ve been having issues non-stop. Not with the internet, the dsl, while slow because I am on their lowest tier, is steady and the box (knocks on wood) hasn’t broken yet.

I’m annoyed because the online billing system is a failure. Complete and utter failure, otherwise known as EpicFail. I could create an account login and change the temporary password. That is it. That is all I have been able to do for over a month. I cannot add the account number they gave me. I cannot view my bill online. I cannot pay my bill online.

Being as I don’t use checks and didn’t order any, now I have to pay the bill over the phone. Which was so fun to do finding out that the bill I received, which had all kinds of credits on it due to all their other screw-ups, had already had the new month’s bill added on to it equaling a surprising amount. I was obviously quite pissed. I haven’t even received the next bill, either. Not surprising.

They also told me that the bill was going to be a certain amount, minus another certain amount each month since I took a year long contract with them. Turns out that was a lie, too. They told me only the amount for the dsl, they told me the full amount was this piddly amount I was going to pay without telling me what the basic phone line was also going to cost. So to say the least, I was pissed. I may go ahead and cancel the house line anyway. I know, I know. They say that when calling 911 you should have a house line. Well, 911 for my county doesn’t apply to where I live. Don’t ask, I have no freaking clue as to why. So the house phone may be getting cancelled. The money I’d save for not having it could probably be applied to the DSL to go to a higher tier and get a faster connection.

I’ve emailed back and forth regarding the online billing and they have no idea why it’s not working. I want to know who else is having issues with CenturyLink’s online billing. I don’t think it even works and they just don’t have the balls to state ‘hey this doesn’t work’. Instead they tell me ‘we sent the issue to the technical department and they are working on it’. Mhmmm.. whatever. I haven’t heard anything as of yet and anytime I try to add the account number it continually tells me that I cannot access that account online. Hopefully someone in the tech department gets off their lazy ass and fixes it.

Until they get their ducks in a row, I’d say go elsewhere for your phone and internet. Laters.

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