Evony: The (Non)Stress-Relieving Game

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You’re bored and have some time on your hands and keep seeing ads about this game Evony. Hot girls just waiting for you to come and ‘rescue’ them and sweep them off their feet to pump them full of alcohol, get them naked and have kinky sex with them, right? Well, I hate to kill the secret behind the ads but if you haven’t figured it out by now, there are no hot girls and a lot of the ‘women’ you’ll find there are guys who are bored and wanted something different.

I do play Evony but I have major issues with the game. It takes too much time to do any ‘one’ thing in the game. If you want to get bigger than your neighbor faster you have to spend hours upon hours on the game or spend ridiculous amounts of money for worthless items. Regarding building, you can only upgrade one building at a time, which when you get to higher levels, takes hours and sometimes days. You have to build up both city and resource farms. Each has it’s own place and you’d think you would be able to upgrade a resource and a building at the same time. Even in Evony Age II, this is impossible. The longer they keep you sitting at your keyboard, the more impatient you’ll get and spend money on speedups to make things go faster.

Now, with all of this going on, imagine being in an alliance with up to 99 other people who all have goals in mind (usually to be number one alliance on the server). There’s a host and several other positions of ‘office’ you can appoint people to. Hosts generally keep everyone in the alliance on the same goals and make sure they act properly for the most part.

Another thing Hosts do is something called ‘diplomacy’. This is where things get complicated because most people who have been playing the game for awhile on several different servers know the basic rules when it comes to your neighbors. There are no rules. It’s a WAR game. If you get attacked and wiped out, having to start over and rebuild your army and walls, that is what should happen. Instead you get players contacting hosts and whining about their member wiping them out and taking all of their resources. Which causes the alliances to go to war. Well, it is a war game. Yet there is no extra benefit when attacking and winning against an enemy other than the fact that you won and you can go back until you have all their resources.

Diplomacy with other alliances tends to be time-consuming. People all over the world play so there are issues when it comes to timing conversations between Hosts who are in different parts of the world. The game has a mail system, but you can only have 500 characters (including spaces) which doesn’t allow for much at all. While conversations take time between mail and whispers wars end up being put on hold or get out of control.

Then you have those who can’t get enough of Evony, especially on the same server, so they create alternate accounts, which according to the ToS is against the rules and you can be banned for it. These secondary accounts (or more) get created anyway, and get into other alliances that aren’t in the Coalition you’re in, which causes people to make mistakes because they end up attacking members of alliances their main account is friendly with, which may end up causing more war (yay) and then people will spend more money to get their cities back up to par if they’ve been wiped out.

Personally, there is no reason this game should cost anything at all. It makes me think of role-playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons and Mabinogi. With D&D you could play free on the server but you could not play certain dungeons unless you ponied up some cash. With Mabinogi you had to pay up in order to change what your character looked like. Once I found that out, I uninstalled it. The difference between D&D and Evony is that you actually get a character who can be modified, get weapons, magic or something else and be moved around all kinds of different places battling monsters. I am not supporting D&D or Mabinogi over Evony, or vice versa.

Evony charges outrageous amounts of money to get packages, some of these packages get sent to your alliance members and anyone else you add to a list. Those that get sent out to others require a key, which costs 30 bucks to get access to. So these packages build up in your items area (some do so whether you claim them or not) and take up space. You’d think they would expire or go away after a month of never being used, but they don’t. There are still packages from Christmas and New Years sitting in there just waiting to be used.

Main issues with Evony is the simple fact that it is a time-sucking wormhole of a game. When you log off, the game continues without you, your city gathers resources, your buildings continue being built, etc. You go to bed for the night and can’t sleep because ‘OMG I might get attacked.” or “Did I have enough food to feed my troops if I can’t sign on to farm in the morning?” because people get so addicted to the game that they become obsessed. There are people who aren’t on just one server, they are on several servers, and possibly even have multiple accounts on several servers.

There comes a time when it has to stop, though. Evony will crash and burn when people get fed up that when they look around their friends and family are no longer there or interested in them because they have finally moved on to something other than waiting for their loved one(s) to stop staring at the screen long enough to notice them. Even I have been through this, one both ends. So put aside the mouse, close the Evony window and go spend some time watching the grass grow and the leaves return to the trees. Laters.

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