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PhotoFun: Pierogies & Veggies

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So the Little Lady and I decided to make Potato and Cheese Pierogies for dinner. A friend mentioned he seasons them and fries them so I went with that method. They turned out amazingly good. Absolutely delicious. This dinner will appear again on my table in the future.


Photoshop Help Wanted

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I have a very good friend who checked his one-time use cameras when flying home. They went through the deep x-ray scanner at the airport and the images are covered in noise and have become quite pixelated because of this. I am looking for help in trying to clear them up and bring them back into a higher quality. (I think I broke twitter asking for help, but I’m not sure…)

Here is the first image that I have tried doing this on my own, this is the original: 14140007.jpg

If you click on it, it will pop open in a new window at full size (1545x1024) and I have enabled scrollbars and resizing for those who are interested in helping.

The photo is upside down, so I had to flip it 180 degrees. Then I duplicated the background layer and used multiply and I applied despeckle and then a gaussian blur at 1.0 to soften it. I also had to resize it due to it still look awful at full-size.


Any help regarding this would be appreciated. If there are professionals who are able to fix the photos I am sure my friend might be interested in reasonable rates. Feel free to contact me at mnlghtrose (at) gmail (dot) com.

Thank you.

Photo Fun Today

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So today I was feeling pretty darn crappy this morning as Demon Week kicked off yesterday and Second Day of Demon Week is always the worst to get through. I felt as if I wanted to simply rip people apart and that’s no way to leave the house. When I poured my second cup of coffee this morning I took a lovely pill invented to stuff the Demon back into her Dungeon. After drinking my second cup of coffee and Evony going down for a 15 maintenance session I decided a hot shower would do me some major good.

After the shower I felt so good I ended up doing full blown hair, makeup and nails. Yes, nails. I decided I wanted to wear the new sandals I bought ages ago when there was still this white stuff called ‘snow’ on the ground and hadn’t gotten to wear them yet. (Pffbt, sandals.. they have two inch heels, I don’t wear sandals what am I thinking??). They are a lot like my favorite ones I wore for years and finally gave to the child since she stretched out the straps with her full size larger feet.

I did not take a photo. The only differences are that instead of the stretchy straps they buckle (which almost makes me hate them because buckles are a pain in the tush for me) and instead of a glittery, silvery over the toes strap it’s a dark, shiny over the toes strap. They are nice and I love them (except the damn buckle). So I had to paint my toes in order to wear them because I hate my feet and they need decoration when wearing sandals. They didn’t turn out too bad either, but no, there won’t be photos… maybe another day. Just the one below:



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I know I have been neglecting Disillusioned and once again that is going to change. I’ve also been neglecting my writing elsewhere and other things. I have already updated Exquisite Designs to include signatures that I made for a friend, a layout that I created previously here for Disillusioned (GuildWars) and uploaded a DVD cover for a local buisness called DanceSpace. You can check them all out here: Exquisite Designs. Some images are not safe for work, or will possibly be determined that way. So, use caution when viewing!

I’ve also been contemplating the woes I have with Evony. I neglect chores and my blogs and writing when I am playing it, yet I enjoy chatting with the people I have met there and will miss them if I decide to quit. I know I can give them my info to chat elsewhere, but when everyone is in one place, why bother going elsewhere? These are the issues I deal with. I know, pathetic on some levels. I do get work done and have been doing some work for friends and also people I consider family. Always a good thing to be working.

The issue I was having with Exquisite Designs, where the images would not show up properly when viewing it through the sub-domain, have been corrected and should no longer cause problems.

Soon to follow: Reviews of two books and recent photos! (Photos will be first as I may have to quickly reread the novels I plan to review and yes, that is pathetic!) Laters.

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