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I’ve been noticing lately that there are a lot of people who don’t seem to understand how to handle their emotions and are constantly on some form of rollercoaster that is scarily out of control. I am not the type to recommend medication therapy for people who have emotional issues, but I am one to recommend a “Stop, Breathe, Assess” self-evaluation. Basically if you’re in an argument with someone who is one of these people, that are constantly pushing your buttons, this can help you, too.

I also feel that a lot of these reality tv shows that thrive on over-emotional drama-causing “actors and actresses” are part of the cause of how people act today. If someone is gone for a day and hasn’t talked to you that day, it apparently means they are angry with you, even if there is no viable reason as to why. Explaining to someone that you aren’t angry with them, that you aren’t ignoring them, any time that you are offline or not in an area with a good signale so you aren’t able to text them gets old pretty darn fast. I am the type who will take anywhere from 1 day to 2 weeks (I think I’ve even done a full month offline) at any given time, with little to no warning and I expect that to be respected as me needing time offline to do other things.

What I get is offline messages, text messages and sometimes emails (or a combination) asking if I am angry with them, if I got a message they sent me or if I’m alive. There are days where I simply want to vegetate and not talk to people. I don’t need people revolving around my orbit, I am not the center of the universe and I do not ever want or need to be someone’s lifeline.

Even telling someone if I am angry with them I will let them know what I’m angry about and discuss it with them doesn’t seem to be enough. I am honestly not a people person. I am very picky about who I let know me as I truly am and it’s hard for me when they do a 360 and become the type of person I usually detest: Needy. Whiny. Over-Emotional. Over the Top Dramatic. These are traits that I have worked very hard to keep out of my personality. There are times where they seep in, but nowhere near the amount I see in others. I’ve always told people to let me know if I’m doing something that upsets or offends them, as I do my best to be non-offendable. I try to accept people as they are, but when they start going overboard, I feel the urge to push them away, which is exactly what they think I am doing when I am offline for a day or two.

Bottom line: I just want to live my life. You’re welcome to have a part in it but don’t expect to be the center of my universe. My life revolves around myself and my daughter. That’s all there is to it.

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