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Since Christmas many things have and have not changed in my life. We’ve found out what’s going on with the Little Lady’s innards, it turns out she is severely lactose-intolerant to the point that even the slightest bit of milk product turns her into a very pained little girl. Even Lactaid does not help because once the effects of the supplement wear off lactose is still in her system and ends up causing her pain. So we have begun eliminating anything with the mention of milk products. Unless you’ve gone through this yourself you wouldn’t believe the amount of food, drinks and even vitamins have milk products in them. Yes, I said vitamins, too. Turns out they use milk powder in them. Whether this is to make the vitamin gigantc and tough to swallow or to make them flavorful (gag) I don’t know. I haven’t done the research to find out and I don’t really care to. As long as i look at every freaking ingredient (because there are things that do contain some form of milk product and it won’t say “CONTAINS MILK” in bold letters above or below the list of ingredients and the next thing we know the Little Lady is in pain or she reads the details and says ‘We can’t get this because I can’t eat it…” Yeah, it’s a bitch.

Turns out I may be turning into someone who is also Lactose Intolerant. Why, I don’t know. I just know that I am experiencing the same issues she started out with. So I am using the Lactaid supplements that she can’t use in order to lessen the side effects. When those run out I’ll probably just switch over to a completely mostly lactose-free diet. (Hey, shush, I need my ice cream dammit… )

Let’s see… what else is going on… I’ve been relearning how to remember my dreams (yes, again) because I feel that I don’t sleep very well when I don’t. I wake up exhausted and I want to know why that is, so I feel my dreams will tell me. Perhaps I’m jaunting off on some major experience and it’s draining my physical self? You never know. It could happen.

For almost a week I battled with the flare up in my left shoulder/neck area. I woke up last Thursday morning around 4am in the worst pain since the injury originally happened and unable to move. Ignoring the urge to not move at all (because seriously it doesn’t help all that much either) I got up and got the ice pack from the freezer and went back to bed. I still can’t think of what I did to cause this past flare up but since it is mostly over (still a bit stiff and stretching often to help alleviate it) I am no longer concerned with what caused it. As you probably know whenever this does reoccur for me over-the-counter drugs never help. And since I refuse to go to the doctor to get prescriptions I can’t afford, I simply tough it out. My pain tolerance increases a bit each time it reoccurs, which luckily isn’t all that often, and I move on with life in general.

Work… well I’m working 3 days a week, 8 hours each day. I also work off and on doing web design (so hey if you’re looking for someone, holler) and once in awhile I show a lady how to do something new on her computer. Other than that it’s housecleaning and taxi service for the Little Lady who has since turned 16 and has her driver’s permit. They have changed the permits since my day, which is really cool, because they are plastic like a real driver’s license with her photo. Meaning they can also be used as an ID if we were to go on a flight somewhere, instead of relying on her school ID (which I don’t recall this school doing photo ID’s… )

Some things that haven’t changed are that I still watch (and love) anime, reading and some tv shows. I still watch Bleach and Naruto and am looking for some new anime as well. I still adore every book that comes out of Richelle Mead for the Vampire Academy and Succubus sagas and Kim Harrison with the Rachel Morgan / Hollows saga. There are other series I have been reading as well. Can’t forget the Kelley Armstrong Women of the Otherworld saga, it’s gotten better with the latest boook featuring Savannah. So make sure you check these out, they are definitely worth it.

I think that’s it for now… hopefully I’ll be updating more often, even though not all that much happens around here lately… Later.

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