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Due to the new housekitty named Peanut freaking out when I tried moving her about half an inch and ripping out the spacebar and another key on the laptop I ordered a new keyboard. (Details can be found literally right below this post.) Well, that keyboard came today! I can tell you that it’s perfect (so far) in everyway and that it installed so easy I thought there had to be something wrong about to happen. Being as that’s usually how things work and all….

But no, everything is installed properly, everything works, it feels new and happy and …. well at least until the Little Lady decided to molest it … now it just feels dirty and ashamed. Hopefully it won’t require therapy… (/Sarcasm)

New Keyboard Rocks, thank you EBAY! Laters.

(PS. In no way does a new keyboard mean I will blog anymore often than I do now… )

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