Peanut Vs. Keyboard

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So our new house kitty decide to lay on my lap while I was on the laptop, which is normal, except I needed to move her slightly. When I did she grabbed onto the keyboard with her claws and ended up ripping out the spacebar and an Alt key. The keyboard previously took damage from Dusty when it was brand new, but losing a spacebar is crucial. Yes, the little black button that causes the spacebar to work when you press it is intact and even if it wasn’t the space where it was would still work, but it’s a bit difficult to type without an actual spacebar.

When I looked into replacing it after it lost the first battle with Dusty, the keyboard was extremely expensive. I’m talking ridiculously expensive (like 60 some dollars or around there expensive) and we decided to do without it.

Well, after looking around the intrawebz, I found a keyboard, brand new, for $1.99. Shipping on the other hand was insane, they wanted 6 times the cost of the keyboard. But… even though it’s a stupidly high shipping cost, I am in need of a keyboard. The keyboard has needed to be replaced for awhile now, as it’s getting harder to use those keys that are no longer there.

I am currently using a wireless keyboard that the Little Lady bought herself ages ago. It comes in handy in situations like this. It’s a touch awkward using it though. The touchpad on the laptop obviously still works, so I have no need to not use it (and therefore fight with the tablet to work and use that mouse). I am hoping to get the keyboard by mid-month, so it should be a lovely useful birthday present to myself. (Just what I always wanted, right?)

So that’s the latest and greatest going on here. Eventually there will be a review of the latest Hollows novel, Pale Demon. Keep your eyes open!

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