My Lavender Roses

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Pictured above are the roses I bought for myself from the local rotary club’s annual rose sale. They have this sale every year and this is the second time I bought myself roses. People at work asked me who bought roses for me when they saw them, thinking some guy had. Well, I informed them that no, some guy didn’t buy me roses, I bought them for myself. First off, I don’t wait for some guy to buy me roses, because let’s face it, if I did wait for some guy to buy me roses, it wouldn’t happen. Ever. Unless I forced them to and even then, it’s less than 50% that it would actually happen.

I have told people that they shouldn’t wait for someone to do something nice for them because they may be waiting a very long time. So instead of waiting for someone to do something nice for you, do something nice for yourself and someone else. Show the initiative! If you show the guy you’re dating that you are buying yourself roses (and no, I’m not dating anyone) then he’s going to take notice. He’ll probably even ask you who bought you the roses and if you want to be coy you can just shrug and say ‘a friend’ or be honest and say “I bought them” (which I would and have) he’ll take notice. He’ll realize that even though you’ve probably said he doesn’t have to buy you flowers or candy to show he cares that you’d notice if he did.

So go out and buy yourself some roses and enjoy them. I am.

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