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Bobble Bobble Part 2

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So the Little Lady has fully tested her Bobble and is extremely happy with it. She can keep it in her purse without worrying about it leaking all over her stuff. It’s fairly sturdy and she can drink out of it easily. She uses it all the time. I have a feeling I’ll be buying a new filter for it in 2 months, give or take.

I enjoy mine, too. I like that I can set it on my bed and not worry about it spilling so that I don’t have to get up in the middle of the night for water. Especially now since I’m taking Mucinex for this damn head cold. It seriously does help, by the way. The only issue is that you have to drink enough water to kill a camel to keep hydrated. Well, my Bobble comes in handy for that. Except when I’m really seriously dried out and I can’t seem to get enough. Then I get up and get a glass of water to guzzle down. (This stuff seriously dehydrates you!)

They are easy to drink out of, but I feel it’s harder for me. I squeeze and suck (yeah I know, but what other word do you want me to use?) at the same time in order to feel like I am getting something out of it. For a drink here and there, no problem, but when you’re taking something that dehydrates you, it’s too slow. I’ll be taking it to work with me anyway. I do enjoy it.

They are a touch expensive if you ask me, 10 bucks for an 18.5 ounce bottle that comes with a filter. The replacement filters are around 7 bucks each. So basically you’re paying for a reusable bottle that filters tap water. If your work place doesn’t utilize a water cooler or other filtration system, this will help you increase your water intake big time. The Little Lady drinks two of these a day, plus she gets water from food and juice, so you can see how much it’s helped.

Our recommendation would be if you know you aren’t getting enough water and you don’t have access to filtered water at work or your faucet doesn’t take a Pur or Brita water system (or you don’t want to pay for them either) that the Bobble would be helpful to your plight of getting filtered water from almost any tap. Later.

Bobble Bobble

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The Little Lady and I will be reviewing the new Bobble water bottles. If you haven’t heard of them they come with a filter and filter the water as you drink it. They are supposed to be good for 2 months or 40 gallons, depending on how much you use them through the day (and probably what size you get). We bought the medium ones which hold 18.5 ounces.

After reading the reviews about them the Little Lady decided she’d like to have one for school so she could just refill them at the water fountain or in the restroom. We’ll be reviewing them on several points:

1. Do they leak?
2. Are they sturdy?
3. How does the water taste?

Stay tuned!


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New layout is up featuring Sebastian Michealis from Black Butler, also known as Kuroshitsuji. More info to come soon. For now, viewing is recommended at 1280x800 resolution. Enjoy!

Changing Seasons

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I truly dislike seasons… ok, not really the seasons, but the changing from one season to the next. It doesn’t matter what I do to keep myself from getting sick, but I get sick, not contagious sick, just an awful “Please remove my sinuses permanently from my head” sick.

I woke up around 4am with an earache. The Little Lady currently has an ear infection and is fighting it off with antibiotics. I got up and took two Advil liquid gels, stuck some cotton in my ear and went back to bed. I woke up without pain but I’m still feeling that ick in my sinuses.

I’m sure you’ve experienced it. It’s not loose enough that you have a constant runny nose, but the second you bend over for some reason everything is trying to run out of your nose at the speed of light. If you turn too fast you may not experience a dizzy spell or vertigo but you’ll feel off balance.

While the Advil helped relieve the pain and swelling last night it doesn’t really help with all the other issues. I still haven’t found a sinus medication that truly works, either. I figure that’s because it’s weather related, not sickness related. I’ve tried allergy medication but the problem with that is that it makes me sleepy so I can only take half a dose if I don’t want to be found passed out on my keyboard at work.

Speaking of work… I have to get going. Later.


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I’ve got the new layout created, just got to chop it up, upload, then code. I can’t wait. Upgrade and New Layout this weekend! Stay Tuned.


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I’ll be upgrading Movable Type and creating a new layout… So, if you come here and things are broken, you now know why. Later!

School Shopping Spree

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So the Little Lady and I went to the mall today (I know, the MALL!) to hit the sales for some back to school clothes. Since she is done growing we really didn’t need all that much to fill out her wardrobe, and since we bought her three cardigans (yeah THREE) she has doubled her outfits because she can wear her tank tops to school without getting into trouble.

We hit so many stores and walked back and forth through the mall so many times but it was such a fun day. We took our time and didn’t rush through anything, which is always the best way to shop. If you’re in a hurry you’ll overspend and be angry. So you take your time instead, look at everything you can, try stuff on so you know how it looks. Then when you get home, you’re worn out, but you’re happy with your purchases.

Anyway, altogether, we bought 3 cardigans, 2 skirts, 2 pairs of jeans, 2 pairs of shorts, 2 belts, and a necklace. Homecoming related we got her dress out of layaway, bought her a pair of shoes and a set of 6 bracelets to go with them. We also had lunch at Fuddrucker’s before starting and at the end of the day we stopped at Starbucks for tea and coffee.

We also hit Bath and Body Works because I was running low on Dark Kiss, which I swear they made just for me (so everyone else except Little Lady’s best friend) needs to stop wearing it, ok? Ok. In order to save a few bucks we did the Buy 2 get 1 Free. We agreed on Secret Wonderland as our other light-scented perfume to wear whenever we felt like it and Little Lady picked up something that is apple and citrus scented.

I did however forget to stop at Home Depot and get some light bulbs… and I forgot to stop at Lowe’s for some other stuff, but that’s ok. I have a coupon for Burlington that is good on the 31st, so we’ll be back in that area then. I enjoy walking around the mall, even if we are walking back and forth going to stores we passed up originally. It’s good exercise and burns a lot more calories than some exercises do. (If I find the article that mentioned that… I’ll link it.) For now, I’m off to read or continue learning Japanese. Later!

Chocolate Shake Blues

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realshake.jpg Do you know these? The absolutely delicious and even cute shakes from McDonald’s? I’m sure if you aren’t lactose-intolerant or avoid fast food like the plague you’ve seen them (perhaps even in a commercial). After the day I had yesterday and started having today I decided a nice McCafe Chocolate Shake is exactly what the day called for. That’s not what I got. Want to see what I got? It might break your heart.

shake3.jpg When they gave me a shake, it was vanilla. I checked my receipt, yes I did order Chocolate, and said sorry, I ordered chocolate, not vanilla. This is the second time they’ve had some major screw ups (and I still haven’t gotten anything for free). So they remade it and gave me this. Do you see this? Does this look like that picture up there? No. They used to look like that though. I’m not entirely sure why they don’t now. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve had a chocolate shake there. It’s a huge deal when I get a shake…

Here are some other photos. shake2.jpgshake1.jpg Look in there. All I see is vanilla ice cream swirled with chocolate syrup and some whipped cream melted in there. It’s a lump of vanilla ice cream. They didn’t even blend the shake. I don’t know if they are getting lazy or if this particular restaurant is trying to push the smoothies instead of the milkshakes. Either way, I told them I wouldn’t be ordering them from there any longer. Their loss, my sadness. Later.

Quote on Writing

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John Irving - “The way you define yourself as a writer is that you write every time you have a free minute. If you didn’t behave that way you would never do anything.”

I am going to give this a try.


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Everything seems to be reality and therapy, therapy and reality. People sometimes wonder what it is I do in order to relieve stress. Well… in a way I don’t do anything. Sometimes a hot shower does the trick. Sometimes ice cream does the trick. I prefer going to visit a friend who runs me a hot candle-lit bubble bath. That is my favorite way of dealing with my stress.

I don’t seem to sleep well anymore. I sleep, I don’t toss and turn, but I don’t wake rested either. I’m not sure what’s going on and I can’t really do much about it. I try sleep therapy audio tracks, those used to help, but not so much anymore. I’m hoping if I start writing again, that it will help. Perhaps all my stress is causing me to relive the day in my sleep and causing me more stress, waking up non-rested.

Ahwell. I have to get to work now. I almost wasn’t able to go today but thanks to my four-leaf clover bracelet, I will. I’ll explain more later since I forgot to after the work rant yesterday. Later.

Fiasco of a Day

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Holy crap, two posts in one day when I haven’t written in forever? I know, I’m even shocking myself. After the day I had today… let’s just say I’m happy to be able to see what I’m doing at the moment.

Some days I think work is trying to kill me. Today is one of those days. Normally I try not to talk about work but today was such a stress-loaded day I have to get it out.

I’m not the receptionist any longer, I’m the office assistant. I assist several departments with various tasks. Lately my filing has gone down under. Due to being given deadlines on projects lately and being pulled in several directions, I haven’t been able to do any of it. I feel bad about it, but luckily they understand.

I also cover for the receptionist when she is out… even though I adamantly told them I didn’t want to unless it was absolutely necessary. Well let’s just say it became necessary. A lot of time I don’t take any work up there with me because I can’t get it done but when you have a deadline you have to get the work done, so today I had work at the front desk with me. I understand that I’m supposed to be nice to customers but it sure is difficult. They don’t know who they want, they start asking questions and I have to tell them I can’t answer them, then another line or three start ringing and 15 minutes have flown by.

Trying to answer the phones, look up who a customer is supposed to go to, whether or not that person is on the line or not and discuss options with the customer if necessary (hold, voice mail, scream at me some more… the usual), help a walk in customer find their product in the front of the store and take payment, print invoice, make them sign a copy, and do work for a deadline doesn’t work. Also, I have to make sure to forward all the faxes that come in digitally, take care of the mail, copy, stamp and add up the checks that come in then distribute. It’s a lot of work for the regular receptionist and she goes looking for work so she’s not bored. BORED? Really? Why don’t I get those days?

I’ve noticed that whenever I have work to do, that I can do at the front desk, that needs to be done, I am swamped with phone calls, walk in customers and prank calls from those damn kids that want to buy candy apples from us. We don’t sell candy apples. We don’t. We sell the mix that goes on the candy apples and the bubbles that they get put in and the skewer they get stuck with. We don’t sell pre-made candy apples.

So I file… and I help several departments with tasks. I cover the front desk and I spend about a third of my day in the warehouse helping those customers that come in to pickup orders. If they remember to put one in.

So dear customers out there everywhere (and every single person IS a customer at some point) please, PLEASE, be kind to your receptionist. She might be having a really (REALLY) bad day, be in pain in several areas due to stress (my neck and shoulders tighten and then my ribs start to hurt and then my stomach cramps.. it gets worse as the day goes) and people yelling at her before you called in. She may sound the most pleasant person you’ve ever spoken with (a well-trained receptionist will) but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have on hand your customer number, your account manager’s name or be willing to spell out the name of your business (especially if you sound like you’ve got a wad of chew in your mouth the size of Texas) when she asks for them! Be courteous and know what you need, who you need to get it from. The only people who should ever not have this information are those who are new customers and those who are taking over for people who are off or being replaced.

Oh… and don’t complain to someone who doesn’t work in the office that you had to wait 45 minutes to get your order. Not my problem you walked in when the break bell rang (15 minute break) and then it took a half an hour for the person to pull your items. I’m not in charge of them and I can’t help it if I get abandoned at break time. I’ve asked for people not to abandon me when they see someone there but, again, I’m not in charge of them.

I’m going to bed now… Sweetly-Evil Dreams everyone.

Hang Time

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I know I haven’t written in forever and ever and EVER.. and I have no real excuse for it either. Nothing much has been going on lately other than work, house cleaning and the occasional adventure. I haven’t even felt the stirrings of a need for a new layout, which could mean one of two things (or both). My creative muse has taken a very long (or permanent) vacation or I’m just too damn tired after work, making dinner (most nights) and whatever else I try to get done. I’ve also been devouring the Stephanie Plum saga by Janet Evanovich and I’m on book 10 - Ten Big Ones. I also read the latest Anita Blake novel by Laurell K. Hamilton - Hit List in under 24 hours.

My biggest issue though is the time I wait at work for reports to run. The system we use runs just fine. It’s some issue between Excel 2003 and Windows 7 and there isn’t a damn thing we can do about it. It takes anywhere from 2 to 5 minutes for excel to respond once the report is open. I won’t have to deal with that today, which hopefully means I’ll get the reports done today (I’ll be covering the front desk - yay me…) and I won’t have to do anymore.

I’m hoping Microsoft knows about this horrifying issue. I mean, I can’t really do anything else while the report is opening in Excel… I was given another task I could do but for some reason Outlook tells me I don’t have access. (This seems to happen a lot lately… and then access is usually granted if possible.)

So now you know what’s been going on… lots of work, lots of reading, lots of waiting for a program to respond. I had thought about writing a post here and there while waiting or hell, writing a freaking saga (ok, maybe not…) but I haven’t. I don’t know why. I suppose I could just do it in a notebook instead of digitally… I should just do it. I doubt I’d get in trouble for it since I bust my ass every day trying to get all of my work done (except filing… it’s been getting horribly neglected but the people I file for are VERY understanding when deadlines are placed on me that I need to focus on that task and nothing else).

Alright… my rambling for today is done. I make no promises about more posts. But hey, if I come here and just rattle off now and then it’s an effort to get me back into blogging, right? Right! I hope anyone who stops by has a fantastic day. Later!

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