Changing Seasons

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I truly dislike seasons… ok, not really the seasons, but the changing from one season to the next. It doesn’t matter what I do to keep myself from getting sick, but I get sick, not contagious sick, just an awful “Please remove my sinuses permanently from my head” sick.

I woke up around 4am with an earache. The Little Lady currently has an ear infection and is fighting it off with antibiotics. I got up and took two Advil liquid gels, stuck some cotton in my ear and went back to bed. I woke up without pain but I’m still feeling that ick in my sinuses.

I’m sure you’ve experienced it. It’s not loose enough that you have a constant runny nose, but the second you bend over for some reason everything is trying to run out of your nose at the speed of light. If you turn too fast you may not experience a dizzy spell or vertigo but you’ll feel off balance.

While the Advil helped relieve the pain and swelling last night it doesn’t really help with all the other issues. I still haven’t found a sinus medication that truly works, either. I figure that’s because it’s weather related, not sickness related. I’ve tried allergy medication but the problem with that is that it makes me sleepy so I can only take half a dose if I don’t want to be found passed out on my keyboard at work.

Speaking of work… I have to get going. Later.

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