Chocolate Shake Blues

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realshake.jpg Do you know these? The absolutely delicious and even cute shakes from McDonald’s? I’m sure if you aren’t lactose-intolerant or avoid fast food like the plague you’ve seen them (perhaps even in a commercial). After the day I had yesterday and started having today I decided a nice McCafe Chocolate Shake is exactly what the day called for. That’s not what I got. Want to see what I got? It might break your heart.

shake3.jpg When they gave me a shake, it was vanilla. I checked my receipt, yes I did order Chocolate, and said sorry, I ordered chocolate, not vanilla. This is the second time they’ve had some major screw ups (and I still haven’t gotten anything for free). So they remade it and gave me this. Do you see this? Does this look like that picture up there? No. They used to look like that though. I’m not entirely sure why they don’t now. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve had a chocolate shake there. It’s a huge deal when I get a shake…

Here are some other photos. shake2.jpgshake1.jpg Look in there. All I see is vanilla ice cream swirled with chocolate syrup and some whipped cream melted in there. It’s a lump of vanilla ice cream. They didn’t even blend the shake. I don’t know if they are getting lazy or if this particular restaurant is trying to push the smoothies instead of the milkshakes. Either way, I told them I wouldn’t be ordering them from there any longer. Their loss, my sadness. Later.

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