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I know I haven’t written in forever and ever and EVER.. and I have no real excuse for it either. Nothing much has been going on lately other than work, house cleaning and the occasional adventure. I haven’t even felt the stirrings of a need for a new layout, which could mean one of two things (or both). My creative muse has taken a very long (or permanent) vacation or I’m just too damn tired after work, making dinner (most nights) and whatever else I try to get done. I’ve also been devouring the Stephanie Plum saga by Janet Evanovich and I’m on book 10 - Ten Big Ones. I also read the latest Anita Blake novel by Laurell K. Hamilton - Hit List in under 24 hours.

My biggest issue though is the time I wait at work for reports to run. The system we use runs just fine. It’s some issue between Excel 2003 and Windows 7 and there isn’t a damn thing we can do about it. It takes anywhere from 2 to 5 minutes for excel to respond once the report is open. I won’t have to deal with that today, which hopefully means I’ll get the reports done today (I’ll be covering the front desk - yay me…) and I won’t have to do anymore.

I’m hoping Microsoft knows about this horrifying issue. I mean, I can’t really do anything else while the report is opening in Excel… I was given another task I could do but for some reason Outlook tells me I don’t have access. (This seems to happen a lot lately… and then access is usually granted if possible.)

So now you know what’s been going on… lots of work, lots of reading, lots of waiting for a program to respond. I had thought about writing a post here and there while waiting or hell, writing a freaking saga (ok, maybe not…) but I haven’t. I don’t know why. I suppose I could just do it in a notebook instead of digitally… I should just do it. I doubt I’d get in trouble for it since I bust my ass every day trying to get all of my work done (except filing… it’s been getting horribly neglected but the people I file for are VERY understanding when deadlines are placed on me that I need to focus on that task and nothing else).

Alright… my rambling for today is done. I make no promises about more posts. But hey, if I come here and just rattle off now and then it’s an effort to get me back into blogging, right? Right! I hope anyone who stops by has a fantastic day. Later!

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