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I thought I’d look back to see if I had blogged a year ago today, but I hadn’t. I did however put up two short posts on yesterday, one year ago. One was about how my horoscope told me I should take a trip (which I still can’t afford) or to take up a new hobby (which I still haven’t really done). The other post was in the early beginnings of the Illustrious Cubicle Carl and his Escapades in the office. He’s since been given to me and unfortunately I haven’t done anything with him since I took him home. (Although he did play a small part in one of the Little Lady’s school projects as a KKK member…)

So here are links to what I posted that day: http://disillusioned.sweetly-evil.org/2010/09/plans.html and http://disillusioned.sweetly-evil.org/2010/09/the-escapades-of-cubiclecarl-1.html

I know, it’s all very exciting! i really should start carrying my camera around more often.. I’m even considering a new one when tax time rolls around. Something truly fabulous and slick. Enjoy!

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