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Sometimes I wonder what the people reading the teleprompters on the news show I watch in the morning. I especially enjoyed the interview with the mom of three kids who was worried about accruing any medical bills if her kids got hurt, how she wished she could afford to go to the doctor for the various aches, pains and odd feelings she had. (I can’t recall if she was battling cancer or beaten it and afraid it had come back…) Then the happy and sweet-looking medical correspondent comes on and tells us that we really should put money away for emergencies and so forth. Hmmm… they didn’t mention in the interview if the mom was a stay or work at home mom or if both parents were working, or if anyone was laid off, etc. So I have no details on this particular family’s financial situation.

I do know that in this current time just having a child is extremely expensive. My daughter doesn’t even play sports so I don’t have that extra cost (thank the light) that most parents do. She does, however, have other expenses that I do my best to accommodate. Such as food. She’s lactose intolerant and while she’s finally able to take Lactaid with most dairy and have few or no side effects I still have to make sure I buy things she can eat and drink. That means buying the expensive Lactaid milk (I recently bought a gallon that was 6 bucks, SIXFREAKINGDOLLARS!!!) but when your child wants to be able to eat cereal for breakfast, you buy the milk she can drink and enough to last a little while. I also use it to cook anything that requires milk so that she doesn’t have to take a Lactaid with dinner.

You always can’t find off-brand or store brand foods that are dairy-free. So I end up paying the price for things that are higher priced. I don’t buy a newspaper or sign up for coupon sites because, to be honest, I just don’t have the patience.

Another thing that drives me insane is that I’m old enough to know when the cheapest gas I bought was like 48 cents a gallon. Paying around 4 or 5 dollars a gallon gives me heart palpitations every single time I get gas. Along with the fact that while I don’t receive child support (my choice), any kind of aid from the government (also my choice) and I show up to work each and every day to make sure I get a full paycheck every two weeks I seem to be the only parent who runs kids around. I feel irritated that my daughter’s friend’s parents sleep all freaking day, don’t work for whatever reason, and then I get stuck running kids from here to there and back again because I am the only one awake or who has the energy (which I don’t). What is one to do about that? I don’t want to tell my daughter that she can’t do something because she can’t find a ride or her friends parents are “unable” to give them one. So I sigh, grab the keys, and go. I have a pretty good kid, which I got lucky on that, as well.

So when these people who make more money in a month or two than I make in 6 it truly irritates me that they tell us we have to put money aside. What money? After paying bills and buying food and unexpected “I need this for school” or “Oh crap I forgot to…” it’s a bit difficult to put money aside. I don’t have cable, no house phone. I have internet and netflix. I have two cell phones I got for free because of the sale going on. They just changed my billing day to 5 days earlier and a non-pay week. Which means I have to call them and convince them to change it back. I don’t have high hopes with that at all because even though they are going to be gobbled up by AT&T if the government allows it, they are big business and I’m just one customer in a sea of dollar signs.

And now I’m told that Coffee Can Lower Depression! I limit myself to one cup, mostly because the coffee at work sucks ass. Seriously, it’s got to be the worst coffee I’ve ever tasted. So I drink hot chocolate there instead. It doesn’t make me happy though. I’m not sure why. It mostly just makes me sleepy. Have a great day! I am off to work. Later.

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