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Lately I’ve been noticing things and they aren’t all that great. I’ve noticed that people don’t seem to notice, or perhaps they don’t care, about the appearance of others. I take pride (not a lot, but I like to look nice) in my appearance. I refuse to go out in public, even if I am sick, looking like I rolled out of bed and put on whatever was on the floor or stuffed repeatedly into the laundry basket. My reasoning for this is because if I look nice I’ll be treated nice. Usually this works. But that is not what this post is about. This post is about how even though people know I take pride in my appearance, they don’t tell me when something has gone wrong.

I walk into the restroom at work and after taking care of business look up into the mirror and see that my eyeliner is smudged. Not badly but enough that it’s noticeable. Why didn’t someone who I talked to out of several people mention ‘by the way, you’re eyeliner is smudged’. I wouldn’t take this badly, I’d go fix it and move on with life. Today I walked into the restroom and looked up after washing my hands to see a lock of hair sticking awkwardly up and over on the wrong side (very noticeable!) and not one person said anything. I’m sure it got stuck in my sunglasses when I took them off and smoothing things over like I normally do when I remove them didn’t work today. But seriously!? I want to know these things. I have to see people throughout the day, not just coworkers, but customers as well. Obviously I want to look respectable and smudged eyeliner (even though this stuff takes a lot of work to smudge) and a very obvious lock of hair out of place is not passing that bar with me.

I’m not sure if people are afraid they might upset my extremely sensitive self (HA!) or if they think it might bring me down a bit walking around with smudged makeup and my hair looking … awkward. It doesn’t. I fix it and move on, but it sure would be nice to have a heads up when something gets messed up. I let people know if there is something weird going on with their wardrobe, hair and makeup. I do it in a nice way, too. I know, can you believe I do something nice now and again? Yeah, I do. For those I like anyway.

So if you see me in public and I’ve got a lock of hair that’s flipped on the wrong side and sticking up, please let me know. I’ll think of you better for it. Later.

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