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Saturday was Junior Homecoming for the Little Lady so I had several hours home all alone. After running her to her friend’s house and watching them get two vehicles stuck in the mud trying to go through the yard (oops), then having to run home to retrieve her forgotten Lactaid and Pamprin, to Olive Garden to give her forgotten medication and getting fast food for myself (since by that time I didn’t really care to cook anything at all) I returned home and flopped onto the couch.

What’s a kid-free mom supposed to do with hours of free time? It had been so long since I had more than two hours alone that I wasn’t sure. I mean, truly, completely, entirely alone! There were many ideas running through my head such as exercising on the WiiFit, watching Anime or movies that the Little Lady doesn’t care for to running around the house naked screaming “I’m all alone!”. Ok, so not really the last one, but heck who doesn’t want to run around naked now and again?

So while contemplating what to do with myself and munching on my Wendy’s ultimate chicken grill (YUM!) I watched an episode of Burn Notice. Then I thought I should be writing. I didn’t have to pick the Little Lady up until around midnight and it was already around 9pm. So after the food and episode I turned on some music and opened a fresh and shiny new word document.

Then I went to various names sites looking for names to use for the characters. Lately I’ve just been using xx(n) and xy(n) for character names when I’d start something, deciding to plug in the names later. This time I wanted names first. I probably should’ve just gone with the coding system instead because I spent a lot of time looking for names.

After finally deciding on names I messed around with the music some more. I had asked for a specific artist and I can’t figure out why all 3 internet sites would play 1 song by the specified artist and then nothing else. I have no issues with the commercials on a free account, but the least they could do is set it up so if you ask for a specific band or artist that they are played every 2 or 3 songs. I heard one song by the artist and kept switching websites. Every time the first song would be who I asked for then 10 songs later I still wouldn’t hear them again. Annoyed, I gave up and got back to attempting to write.

The first story I started I got annoyed with a little over 500 words. So I saved it and started another story. I got around 300 words when I realized it was 11:56 and I had to go pick the Little Lady up. I closed everything down and ran out the door. I haven’t looked at either story yet so I’m not sure what to think about them yet. They weren’t anything fantastically detailed with being so short but they are a start. Sunday I didn’t really touch the computer until an hour before bedtime. Hopefully I’ll be motivated to do something with them tonight. Where’s my motivation? Somewhere deep down inside where the voices dwell. Time to take the chains off the box I keep them in and unlock it. Hopefully only good writing will come out of it, but I doubt it. Creativity always charges a price.

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