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There are some days where I have a good morning. I get dressed, hair and makeup done in a reasonable amount of time. I get my coffee and even get to enjoy it, check out facebook, twitter, delete the stuff from my gmail that I subscribe to but rarely read and then go to work.

I’m up and ready to go and then I get to work, which I refer to as ‘paradise’ in a hopeful way of making it a good day. I even try to be non-sarcastic about that. It doesn’t always work so well. Such as today.

This morning went quite well, I even remembered to take my vitamins (so far all week!) which is a bonus. Or supposed to be a bonus. I’m trying to take probiotics more regularly instead of just when I am feeling blah. So why do I feel so tired? I think the main reason behind it is that I am not exercising. I do my 5 minute walks at work around the warehouse, but other than that I haven’t been doing squat. I’ve wanted a new workout ‘game’ for the Wii and I think that will help. Doing the same things over and over and over again with the WiiFit … while it’s helpful, it gets boring. I got really good at all the exercises I enjoyed doing (for example, I hate lunges but I love side lunges… weird?) and then I stopped working out every day. Then I stopped working out every couple of days and you get the picture.

I’m thinking a new trainer, a new exercise ‘game’, something fun to do, will help me get back into it. The problem is that where do I get the money? I lowered my phone bill by getting them to kill the house phone. The cell phone company decided to change my billing date, which totally screwed me because now they are on a non-pay week. I truly hate getting paid bi-weekly. I understand that it saves the company money, but still, it really messes up paying bills. You can’t always synchronize these things.

To be honest I think I’m just bored. Bored with work, bored with television, bored, bored, bored. Even though there are so many things I’m doing. Blogging again, learning new things in Photoshop from tutorials again, learning Japanese two different ways (Rosetta Stone and a book called Japanese Demystified), checking out different anime shows and reading books outside my current favorite genre of Urban Fantasy. So why am I bored? Where is my motivation today? It feels as if every day is the same thing over and over, just a different date.

They say to get out of ruts to try new things. Where am I supposed to go when I am doing, or restarting old, activities that bring me joy, or at least a sense of accomplishment.

I do miss writing erotica and I have plans to get back into doing so. Perhaps I actually need to implement it instead of just saying I’m planning to do so. Maybe that’s what I’m missing. We shall see. Later.

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