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I wasn’t one of those kids who were always told to stand up straight. Perhaps if I had been I’d have an easier time standing up straight without having to focus on it. I find myself slouching more and more as the day passes. I stretch my arms, neck, shoulders and back, then straighten my spine. Then I fight gravity some more, which eventually weighs me down again.

I recently noticed someone who was constantly not just slouching, but basically staring at the floor as they walked. I noticed that as the week went by they were shorter and shorter. So I asked them if there was anything wrong. The reply I received was that everything was fine and they meant it.

When they walked by again I mentioned that the reasons I asked was because they were slouching and staring at the floor as they walked. They hadn’t even truly realized this was occuring. Over the next week they started standing straighter and trying to slouch less. I was thanked that I had mentioned it because it made them realize that they weren’t portraying the confidence they felt when they slouched. In order for others to see you as a strong and confident individual, you need to stand up straight, looking at them, not at the floor.

So over time this person started standing up straight, making sure they weren’t looking at the floor and has also put their drivers’ seat in the car upright instead of leaning back. I was told today that it is no longer uncomfortable for them to sit upright in the seat as well. I feel as if I made a difference in someone’s life with such a simple thing. I do my best to stand up straight (because I’m short so I need every quarter inch I can get) to show that I am a well-balanced, confident individual. (Ok, maybe not well-balanced, but I can at least make them think so, right? Right.)

So go out there and stand up straight, look at people’s faces when you speak with them, show off every inch you have and be confident about each one them. Later.

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