The (dis)Advantages of being Congested

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There are both advantages and disadvantages to being congested. The main disadvantage I have is that people don’t believe that I’m not sick. I appear to be sick because I’m coughing, congested and, on occasion, sneezing. However no matter the type of medication I take, whether it be for allergies, colds or just plain congestion (even severe medication) nothing works. Mucinex takes away the congestion but leaves me feeling seriously dehydrated no matter how much water I drink or food I eat. Also, I find that if I am not sipping on something every few moments (literally) I end up snuffling again.

The reason that I am congested, coughing and occasionally sneezing is because of the rapid weather and temperature change both inside and outside. Going from one extreme to another is harsh on any system, but especially mine. I find that every time the season changes I get congested and other cold symptoms with no relief. It doesn’t help that the office air conditioner thinks that 72 degrees outside with any humidity over 60% is sweltering and therefore needs to cool off the office by running almost continuously. (I was also told that the thermostat for the a/c unit ends up in direct sunlight a portion of the day.) There are two vents, one on each side of me, that attack me every time the system kicks in. Since I’m not in an actual cubicle and have no walls to protect me, I freeze to death. There have been times where my fingertips started turning blue.

Another disadvantage is that due to being congested people can’t tell when I’m being sarcastic. This is a problem because 90% of the conversation spewing out of me is full of sarcasm or some other form of funny. I find it makes the day go by and most people don’t realize I’m being mean. So when I’m all congested they think I’m being mean. You see that? I’m being mean when I’m sarcastic more than half the time but now they think I’m being mean. That’s a problem in my book. So I cut down on the sarcasm and avoid people most of the time when I am congested.

The problem with avoiding people is they think I’m being anti-social. This is never a good thing to do in an office environment because people will take it upon themselves to insinuate that you don’t like them. Even if you don’t like them, this is bad. You want people to think you like them for many reasons. One of those reasons is they might help you out when you’re swamped with work and need assistance. Another reason is to just keep the office drama at a minimum. You may have your own reasons, these are mine. No one would ever know if I don’t really like them because I’m polite to them, nice to them, help them out on occassion and try to stay out of the gossip unless it’s something I need to know.

Another reason I know I’m not sick is because no one has gotten sick from me being congested/coughing/sneezing around them. Now while I am not rude enough to walk up and sneeze or cough right in someone’s face (I even go out of my way to leave if I have a coughing fit) I’m also not staying confined to my work area.

So between the a/c going overboard at work, the steamy temperatures in the afternoon, then the cool to cold temperatures from evening to morning I can only take so much. I’ve asked for the temp to be raised to 74 in the office but get told that 72 is normal. I’m sorry I’m not normal due to having a body temperature 1.1 degrees below the usual 98.6 of most people. I highly doubt a 2 degree, or even 1 and making the temp 73, would affect others in a negative way. At least not in the way the a/c affects me at 72.

Have a fantastic day! I am glad mine is closer to being over.

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