The (dis)Service of (in)Efficiency

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I’m always trying to find a way to do something easier, faster, smarter or all three combined: efficiently. I find a lot of times that this becomes impossible if there are many hands trying to help complete something so I tend to work alone. I tend to work quickly and I tend to have a low error-rate. (I’m also one of those people who want to know what mistakes I made so that I can fix them and truly dislike finding out a week/month/quarter later that there was a mistake and it’s already been taken care of.) I also try to finish projects on time. I hate telling someone I’ll have something done and then something throws it off track, but I go with the flow. I do the projects given to me and I do them to the best of my ability.

It really cracks me up though when I get a phone call asking if I was told something or given information about something that needs to be updated any time a specific set of information changes. If I’m not told the information I can’t update it, period. The person calling and asking me for this information already knew I didn’t have it and told me a very intriguing conversation about it as well. Apparently they understood that I wouldn’t have this information for two reasons. 1) I wasn’t in the meeting when the information was updated. I don’t go to meetings. I go to training sessions when we have them if I feel the need to go. I don’t recall being in any meeting for any reason and (to be honest) I like it that way. 2) Because no one who had been in the meeting emailed/called/walked over and said ‘hey by the way’ to let me know it changed.

I do enjoy my job. I have rare occurrences with customers (it’s for the best, theirs, not mine); I get to do a lot of my projects on my own with little to no supervision (usually if I have a question I ask); I get to listen to music via headphones (since I’m rarely on the phone) to drown out the people around me.

I see people cause all kinds of issues, some not intentional, others… perhaps not truly intentional but they didn’t do anything to prevent the issue from happening. I don’t understand this type of behavior, it’s as if they don’t want to save money for the company so that we can get better raises or some other form of benefits. They don’t want to get things done in an orderly manner because so and so didn’t do such and such and then everything got put off schedule so why bother?

It’s not just there that I see it. I see it everywhere. It makes me wonder sometimes….

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