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Every week or so I go traipsing through the activity log provided by MovableType to see what’s going been happening. It also includes searches done that pulled the site up. Now, since I don’t use the search widget I figure people are typing their queries into a search engine and getting my site. I don’t know, but this is what I am going by.

I came across one that was very odd. “the fish the cat and the story’ to be precise. I would love to know why that oddball combination brought up my site. So I typed it into Google to see what I’d find out.

I find things like Animal Jokes - Fish and Cat Story. The Story of the Cat and the Fish and even the most famous The Cat in the Hat.

Nowhere on the first page of search results does my site come up. This just makes me even more curious as to why these things would show up there. I’m not really worried about it at the moment but there is a way for me to fix it. I just might get rid of those silly queries after all.

Go check your activity log or webalizer or whatever it is you use and see what kind of crazy searches are done concerning your website. Later!

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