17 Year Long Roller Coaster Ride

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Today, officially, at 12:27AM my baby girl, my Little Lady as I refer to her here, turned 17.  To be honest, it's been rough.  I hate roller coasters.  I refuse to ride them for the most part and the only roller coaster I have been on {except when my sister forced me to ride the Big Dipper} (still only semi-willingly) is the little RoadRunner at Geauga Lake or Six Flags or whatever it happens to be called today.  The only reason I went on was to take her.  She didn't want to go alone and well, I thought she should go, so I went.  I even hated that little roller coaster.  The way they throw you around from side to side, shaking you until your innards are turned to a slimey goo, is just too much for me.  I prefer crazy things that I have a little more control over, or trust in the person operating them.

While we have, like every other family, had our ups and downs, she is the best thing I've ever created, molded, argued with, loved, snuggled and laughed with.  She might not be exactly sure what she wants to do with her life just yet, she is only 17 and there's really no rush as long as she makes an effort to get out there and try things, she will be a productive member of society.  She's good at so many different things, from hair and makeup, to taking photos and editing them, to debating not just her view, but both sides of an argument to the point that people dislike following her.  Even the teacher feels bad for them and tells them that.  She tries her best to go near the end of that class just so others get a chance to make a good point.

Little Lady works very hard at everything she does, she puts her all into it.  She's not entirely a control freak, but she does have her moments, she wants everything to be perfect.  She knows that good grades and good relationships with her teachers (for those recommendation letters) are the best way to get into good colleges (once she figures out just what it is she wants to do).

In this photo below we were at Mill Creek Park at one of their information centers.  It looks like she's about to kiss a bear.  Some people actually asked her if it was a real bear.  Others asked her if it was a dog who looked like a bear (because there are dogs that are that big that somewhat look like a bear).  This is one of my favorite moments to think of her in because she's having fun, being herself and that day was a fantastic day full of hiking, learning, friends and great food.  (Gotta have great food to make a great day!)

So happy birthday baby, which you'll always be even if you're 80 and I'm 97.  Deal with it, it's my right.


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Stopping by from Blogher list, you look like you have a great girl there and with luck she will stay your friend for life.

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