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So the Little Lady is now a licensed driver!  Not only is she licensed, though, she's also a good driver.  So you won't have to worry about her running over your mailbox or tailgating you.  Although, like myself, she may choose to run down your dog if the damn thing is in the road and won't move.  Erhm.

The past 7 days I have been hearing 'Mom, do you think I'll pass?' and I'd reply, 'Of course.'  Obviously I am unbelievable.  Hey but I am right!  Not only did she pass, she passed without missing any points at all.  She's broken the family curse of failing at least one portion of the test, I mean who doesn't fail at least one part?  I'm just glad she's licensed and I don't have to drive her around anymore.  

Also, we put up the tree.  We didn't change the theme though so it looks exactly the same as last year.  Which is fine with me, it's a very pretty tree.  Thanksgiving was excellent.  After an amazing meal (and my cupcakes for dessert because pie is so overrated and I dislike it) we watched Mars Needs Moms.  It wasn't a half-bad movie.  Didn't care for the one guy, but that was his background, the semi-dis-likable but did the right thing guy.  

My writing expedition over at is getting harder and harder.  I'm supposed to write whatever happens to run through my head in any manner that it comes out.  It's a lot more difficult to do that than you think.  Especially, if you tend to just put things out of your mind.  I do that all the time.  "Gotta do the dishes." -Put out of mind until later.- "Gotta vacuum." -Just do it later, it really doesn't need to be done.-

Eventually everything gets taken care of, just on a slower more relaxed schedule than the rest of me wants it done. Not much else is going on around here and I like it that way.  No drama, no fighting, just relaxed and quiet.  Hope each and every one of you are having the same type of evening.  

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