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So I noticed that I hadn't written an official entry since the Little Lady's birthday (which I showed to her). I did however write a couple of draft entries, and they'll probably end up staying that way because they are mostly full of bitching, moaning, whining and complaining.  I don't really want to post all my nasty annoying tidbits about everything that annoys me or irks me at every turn, because just to put it out there, a lot of things annoy me.  I try to just let it roll off me but it doesn't always happen that way.

Then I read an article from LifeHacker about writers and some tools they could use.  One of them being about  This site is for people to go to and write every day, something private (preferably in the morning before the day is started) and write out whatever happens to pour out of their mind.  There is a word count at the bottom and it lets you know when you've reached your 750 words.  You can continue writing after that if you wish or you can stop there.  You can go there more than once a day and you'll be in the same post (as far as I know).

So far I've written every morning, missing Saturday and Sunday this past weekend.  That kind of sucks because you earn badges as you go for your streaks.  They are fairly random and so forth but cute for the most part.  It's kind of a way to get you to try and find out what's next.  You can also sign up for the challenge they put on each month.  I'm not sure if it's just writing every day or if there is more to it.  Again, no one sees what you write except for you.

The coolest part is that if you write honestly about what is going on with you and through your mind, the stats will tell you in a lot of ways how you fair against the past, present, future and world.  They'll tell you what kind of rating you have (I currently have an R rating, oops) and tell you what different emotions are affecting you, how much and how it compares to the world.

I even recommended it to two friends and so far one has tried it.  I hope it's helping her deal with her grief over losing a beloved family member.  She was having issues because whenever she would have a fleeting thought about him she would get emotional and felt she had no one to talk to in her family about it and it was as if they simply moved on with their lives and left her behind with this huge ball of sadness.

I feel that there are things that I don't want everyone to know and these are also things that people don't really care to know.  So, they'll go there and hopefully I'll find other things to entertain everyone who's kind enough to stop by here.  Enjoy!

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