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I officially went ahead and moved Disillusioned over to MovableType5. So far I've found some very interesting things.  Like having to change some coding in the new templates to what I had changed it in the older templates.  Also that for some reason it says Powered By MT4 instead of 5.  I haven't gone looking for the graphic yet and I usually change the color to match the layout, so we shall see what happens.

Also, in order to use this Zemanta plug-in thingiemcbobber you have to type in Rich Text format.  It gives you things you can insert and tags your post with interesting tidbits or something... I'm not entirely sure.  There are links for articles that are a month to 3 years old and images for the little media gallery.  Very cool and high tech.  Whether or not I'll actually utilize this source... well, let's just say I got very annoyed with Xonbi on Outlook over a period of time and decided I no longer needed it.

I've kind of gone through some coding hell.  I always forget to put notes in my css for the layouts where to change header colors, widget header background colors and so forth.  But I am working on it.  Exquisite Designs is a fantastic drove of colors right now and I finally fixed the container on it.  Hopefully it'll work on other monitor sizes.  I get really annoyed when the layouts are all screwed up on other monitor sizes when they shouldn't be.  There's a reason for a container size!  It's not supposed to go beyond a certain point.  It always looks messed up at work but there i have a 19 inch monitor compared to the 14.5 or whatever size I have now.

There are these lovely little 'in-text links' boxes below that I can apply if I want to link to articles or websites containing this information.  The issue with that though is why would I want to?  They aren't giving me a reason to link to them.  Usually that is needed in order to say 'hey go here because I found this and think you might like it as well'...  Ahwell... we shall see.

It also looks like keywords went byebye and tags have stayed to hang around.  I never did get the whole tag cloud thing.. it kind of weirds me out.  Perhaps I'll try it anyway.  I'm off to bed!  Good night, all! Sweet Dreams!

Another thing I've noticed is that I may have forgotten to change some permissions as things keep changing regarding how my comments and so forth are setup behind the scenes.  Will look into this more tomorrow!  Now, officially off.

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