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I didn't take this photo today.  I took this photo before the Little Lady took the test for her license when we were driving around getting lost having an adventure.  I told her just to drive, drive anywhere she felt like going.  It was mid-afternoon, the day was chilly and we were driving down this one road where there weren't any posted speed limit signs.  She always asks me what the speed limit is.  There's no sign, how am I supposed to know?  We take a guess and we are usually slower then what the actual speed limit is.  Luckily there haven't been any officers around to stalk us and figure out what's going on.  We ended up all over the place on this day.  It was a good day for driving.  Traffic didn't seem too bad, though people tend to ride on her ass regardless what speed she is going.  

It makes me laugh that there weren't any posted signs regarding the speed limit since on the way to work there are an excess of speed limit signs every where you look.  Sometimes I think the signs have actually procreated because when you see them in a really stupid place, such as behind a utility pole (Yeah) where you can't see it until you're right up on it, or stopped at the light at the right point, kind of makes it a bad spot for a sign.  

One of our more favorites though is the Reduced Speed Ahead sign after the speed has already been reduced to 25.  That's right, there's a sign literally 2 minutes after saying that the speed is about to be reduced again, yet it isn't, it's still 25 because it would just be stupid to make it any lower than that.  

The same week the child Little Lady got her license she was gone most of the week.  Wednesday she went to church, then Thursday she had something else going on. Friday she had friends stay the night and they went to the mall and Wally World.  (Which reminds me, dear Wally World employees.  There's no need to stare and glare at my responsible teenager and her friends when she's buying things like eggs and toilet tissue.  *I* made her buy them. So don't do it again.)  After that they came home, played games, half-watched movies and then passed out somewhere in the wee hours of the night.

I've had more alone time in the past week than I have had in a year, but that is mostly because her friend's parents tend to be ... well I am not sure, they tend to sleep all day and not pay attention, they don't work and I tend to get stuck lugging their kids around when there is a group project going on and no offers of returning such favors.  

So I'm thrilled that the Little Lady got her license.  She ever passed her test without missing any points on driving or maneuverability!  I hope everyone has a responsible teenager like I do.  Although I worked very hard to make her that way.
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