Let Them Eat (Pan)Cake

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pancake.jpgNormally I wouldn't touch breakfast with a ten foot pole. Not because I don't like food, because damn, I so love food. I rarely eat before 10am and sometimes when I do it upsets my stomach.  So I tend to stick to my milk/flavored creamer/sugar filled coffee.  For whatever reason it doesn't upset my stomach in the least.  

Today the Little Lady brought the pancake box in and yelled at me in Spanish (which I understand hardly anything of) asking if I wanted pancakes.  I said no, then she yelled at me, again, in Spanish.  So I acquiesced.  I know, I surrendered, it rarely happens so mark your calendar for this momentous event.

I asked for two small pancakes.  These two small pancakes were what I was given.  I had to take a photo of them.  Aren't they just the most perfect pancakes you've ever seen?  They were damn delicious, too.  I think she added cinnamon and vanilla to the batter.  Normally I don't take butter on my pancakes but she put it on there anyway.  No problem though, I wolfed them down with no issues.  Now I sit here enjoying my coffee.  Today is going to be a fantastic day.  I hope yours will be as well.  

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