Single & Loving It - Valentine Edition

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heart1.jpgWell hello out there to all you singles on Valentine's Day! I know there are a lot of people out there who dread being single on this famed holiday of shoving happy coupledom into your face and the fact that you don't have another half let alone a better half.  Don't let this get you down however.  Think of all the people out there who are in a relationship and wish they were single (they do exist) for any reason from feeling as if they are unable to do the things they want or are trapped in an unhappy relationship.  Consider yourself wise, consider yourself blessed, that you can move through each day supporting yourself and your loved ones without having to rely on a partner.  There are so many people out there who dislike being alone so very much that they enter into relationships without thinking things through, then they get trapped or find out who the person really is and can't afford to leave.

I for one am done.  I am not even really dating or looking for anyone to date.  I tend to have to repeat this to people on a regular basis.  If my hair looks especially well done they think I'm made up for someone (it just means I got my ass out of bed on time) or if my makeup is more well defined I must be looking to attract a man or I must be dating a man (again, just got my ass up on time or for whatever reason my skin was looking ah-mazingk that day).  However I simply enjoy looking good for myself. The better I look the better I feel.

There are so many things you can do every day, not just Valentine's Day, to improve yourself.  Learn something new, a language, a skill, a good habit.  If you're feeling lonely on this love-filled holiday, take yourself out to dinner or to a movie.  No, it isn't pathetic to go to the movies or out to eat by yourself, it's empowering.  Take a book and go read in the park (weather-permitting of course) or a camera and take random photos of things that catch your eye (might want to not get photos of people you don't know however...).  In other words follow the Golden Rule in a new light; treat yourself how you would want your significant other to treat you.  Buy yourself that long awaited piece of jewelry or outfit you've been eyeing. 

If you can't afford to buy yourself something or go out, then make yourself a fabulous romantic meal, light candles and make it special.  If you have other friends who are single and (hopefully) not mourning the fact you could include them on the dinner and have them bring items to the table.  Relive your favorite relationship stories with them (stick to the funny ones), tell them the new things you are doing to improve yourself and see if they are interested in joining you.

There is never a need to force yourself into doing things that make you uncomfortable.  You are not cheating yourself out of a spicier life by being single.  So get out there and do all the things you want to do.  There is always a way you just have to look a little deeper to find it.  Also, don't forget that you can always find some chocolate delight for 50% off - which is the true highlight of this holiday!


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