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So today I started a post and didn't get to save it, but thanks to Movable Type's auto-recovery feature I can exit a window and recover that post on any computer I login to.  I adore this feature, truly I do, until it fucks up.  Today it fucked up, royally, that's the only way to say it.  According to the documentation the auto-save feature kicks in when your cursor leaves the entry editing box for 30 seconds or more.  While your mouse is off doing other things elsewhere, this feature will kick in every 30 seconds until you click into the entry box again.

I had a fantastic post reviewing the Hunger Games, Book vs Movie and how each of them were good but not great in their own way.  I had so many fantastic points made.  I had started the post earlier in the day and exited out, to have it recovered here at home for me to finish.  I didn't get a moment to hit that save button earlier.  Being the multitasker I am I was flipping back and forth between the entry and twitter and some other things, going over the post, reading it under my breath, hoping it flowed okay.  Hoping my points were brought across in a way that were understood clearly.  I wouldn't want anyone taking things the wrong way. (Gag, okay, I really don't care, there is an X in the upper right-hand corner if you dislike what I have to say).

Anyway, I wanted to pop in a couple of links to other reviews and when I did that, using Zemanta, it erased my entire freaking post, auto-saved because my cursor was not currently present in the box and BANG, post gone.  Completely removed, no undo present, just grayed out and mocking me.  Imagine that, just like a mockingjay, I suppose. Sigh, references, references.  It's bad enough I actually used the phrase 'And may the odds be *ever* in your favor' today as a comment somewhere on G+.  Yeah, I'm on G+, I'm cool like that.

Searching file folders on my server, checking the database and posting on the forums hasn't gotten me anywhere at this point.  I'm a tad irked.  Just a tad, mind you.  The post can be rewritten.  This is why people write their posts in other places, like MS Word, save it, revise it, proof it and then post it.  Perhaps I need to do that.  It would have made things a teensy bit easier.

Goodnight. I shall contemplate a brand new post in my hot steamy shower and then some more while I sleep.  Or not.  
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Hey Chelle!

This is awful. We can probably help recover at least some part of the post if not the whole thing!
Can you drop us an email at with your username and we'll try and get it back!


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