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I know a lot of people with allergies.  A *lot* of people.  I feel bad for people with allergies, even ones that aren't all that bad.  I know they have sinus pressure and pain, sneezing, runny nose/watery eyes, itchy throat and if anything else happens to be going wrong physically, it's twice as bad.  I have issues, not allergy issues really.  Once in awhile I'll get a little sneezy if things get too dusty but other than that, allergies can stay the hell away.

Today I'm feeling a touch dizzy. Mostly because it's DemonWeek and I haven't been taking my vitamins, which have iron in them, on a regular basis.  So I'm feeling really tired, shaky and tired.  Signs of being anemic due to iron loss increase while it being DemonWeek.  I just love DemonWeek.

Every now and again if I sleep wrong or take on too much weight too often on my left shoulder I wake up unable to move, so I don't try not to do it.  It's not always that simple though and every now and then I am in considerable pain for a few days using ice packs to numb it away.

You can't do that when it comes to allergies, though.  You can drug yourself up but not all the problems go away, you always have something left behind making you go crazy or the meds cause you to be hyper or drowsy, so the entire day is either spent running around accomplishing nothing or trying your damnedest not to fall asleep, again, accomplishing nothing.

I just can't imagine having to go through that every day for 3 - 4 months straight, or, all year around, if you have different allergies for different seasons or animals.  It would be absolute hell, every single day.  I can combat the anemia with iron supplements and make the tiredness and the dizzy spells go away.  It takes time and I tend to not be focused while I'm in this feeble state of mind, but it goes away and can be kept away by continuing with the supplements.

All of you that have allergies, bless you, bless you, bless you.  I couldn't fathom spending one hour let alone a lifetime

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