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Every now and again I try to visit a site that is tweeted about on my feed from people I read and admire (and find hilarious, but then again why follow non-humorous people?).  At work there's a screwy firewall.  This firewall will let me go somewhere like say (who I refuse to utilize personally and never have) but it won't load any images on the main page.  Once I login I have access to seeing images, but otherwise it doesn't work properly.

The other day there was all kinds of internet and twitter drama regarding someone seriously plagiarizing the life of another and making money, getting free stuff, etc from doing so.  I tried to go to the site where the person harmed with this wrote a post regarding the entire incident.  I ended up seeing the firewall pop up and according to it, her site is considered porn.  Yep, Porn.  (If I mention the word Porn repeatedly in this post, do you think my readership will go up?)  I was shocked.  I mean, I never thought a parenting blog would be considered porn.

Today I tried clicking a link in my email to enter a contest from my bank to win $10,000.  The quicker I enroll the better my chances, right?  I thought so as well.  Yet again, up pops the stupid safety thing and it's considered porn.  So my bank is now apparently giving customers PORN and they are leaving me out.  The hell with them.  (My bank is not really giving people porn.)

I'm just irritated. I'm on my lunch and I can't do all that much personal stuff because of the stupid Esafe thing.  I'm not going to surf the net for porn (but apparently it thinks I am) but there are things that I do want to do. I'm damn glad I can reach the interface to blog.  Have a fantastic porn-free day (or should you rather it porn-filled make sure you share the links, eh?)... Later.
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