All Apologies (and apologies and oh, apologies)

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So I created a new category.  It's called "Pet Peeves".  

There is someone who repeatedly apologizes over and over again about something simple and stupid and it just drives me to want to beat them in the head with a stick until they can't do anything more than twitch their pinky finger.

It doesn't make any difference to me if you are running late.  Especially since you were nice enough to let me know that you were running late.  So when I come to take over there is no need to apologize over something like doing your job when someone is trying to purchase something and you have to give them details and put your stuff away before the switch.  It actually makes things take twice as long because you stop to apologize about it.

It annoys me.  It really has to stop and I know for a fact that I am not the only one who thinks so.  One apology is enough if needed.  Otherwise, don't apologize.  Take care of the customer or work or whatever is making you run late and then get ready to go.  Then go.

That is all.

Side note: The only thing that annoys me more than someone not apologizing is someone who apologizes repeatedly for something that doesn't even require one.

Now go enjoy your day and start snapping your wrist every time you start to apologize profusely.
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