Gratefulness - A Learning Experience

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If you have Netflix then you may have seen a documentary pop up somewhere (if you watch docu's often enough) called The Secret.  I tried watching it a few months back but the Little Lady was home and the cheesiness in which they made the docu (making it sound like a horrible 3am infomercial) was making her irritable so she begged me to turn it off.  A couple of months after that I finally restarted it at the beginning and watched it all the way through.  She wasn't home.  The cheese factor however was still pretty damn high.  No one needs that much cheese.


The docu teaches you about the Law of Attraction and how to tell the Universe what you want, in a good way, to get good things to happen to you.  It tells you that you should be grateful and happy and think good thoughts all the time.  In a world that is constantly negative it is a battle to do this.  The documentary goes on to tell you over and over the different ways that the Universe can reward you for telling it what you want and sending out good thoughts, being grateful and telling people thank you often for the things they do.  

I tell people I appreciate them and all they do all the time, yet I don't see how the Universe is rewarding me in return for doing that.  So I keep thanking people and I keep plowing through my day.  I went to the website regarding the book that was written based on this philosophy and signed up for the daily secret teaching or whatever it's called.  However, it hasn't been daily.  Not once have I received an email from them two days in a row.  Although I seem to receive them when I need a pick me up or a reminder that I need to put forth a little effort.

Let me tell you this though... with me being angry and full of rage all the time, it's very hard to be grateful with how stubborn I am.  I don't quite know how to put myself out there and ask for what I want.  How do I know I am receiving something in return that I want or need without it being so very obvious?  So I've decided that each week I will write a post on the things I am grateful for.  I think I will start doing this on Wednesdays because every other Wednesday I get paid, which is an automatic 'thank you for this paycheck, thank you for this job' response.

Today I am Grateful For...


My paycheck so that I can put food in the refrigerator and cupboards.
My friends who keep me laughing even over things that make me want to tear my hair out.
My mostly drama-free existence.
What are you grateful for in your life today? This week? This year? Lifetime?

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