Surprised I Have a Job

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Some days I'm truly surprised I have a job.  I mean I often threaten people with bodily harm (I might really buy those combat boots I've been thinking of) and I constantly annoy my coworkers with sarcasm, by telling them 'no' when it comes to work and by doing my best to be 'positive' instead of debbie downer.  When I'm in a bad mood... well the music gets turned up and I tune out and do whatever I can find to regarding data entry so I don't have to speak or make eye contact.  That's all for their safety and because while making the walls bleed would be quite entertaining it would be a hell of a mess to clean up and then I'd end up in a padded cell forever.  Huh.. padded cell... 


People constantly annoy my supervisor in a non-fun, non-entertaining way.  I've actually offered to have a desk put right in front of his door for me to work at in order to keep them away.  They constantly hound him for stuff and then hound him again, about the same stuff, or those who know how to email will email him repeatedly. (One day he got 8 emails in a half an hour and then 3 more from the same person by the time I walked back to the warehouse when I was covering a position back there - so in about 5 or 6 minutes) about the Same. Exact. Thing.  So I try to keep him entertained for the most part by asking him questions he's able to answer without doing much work looking into them.

Today I asked him why some items were marked as 'discontinued' when I was selling them.  And shipping them.  And selling some more of them, repeat.  He wasn't sure but he was damn sure I'd made the change to those items back in December.  I was like.. Me? I did it? Why the hell would I do that?  Turns out it was because he told me to.  Gave me a list of items to discontinue because they were going to be for the location I sell from (I'd explain but don't want to) and we didn't want duplicate entries in the system.  So when I did this it discontinued them in all locations.  For whatever reason.

Before we figure this out though I message him something along the lines of: stupid silly bitch... she obviously has no concept as to what she's doing... you should fire her.  Obviously I was joking and he knew it.  I keep offering to kick people for him after all so that he doesn't have to do it himself.  On occasion I buy him chocolate or grab him a pop from the back.  Hey, I even make a pot of coffee for him most mornings, especially Friday mornings, that's the day it's needed most due to half-day long meetings.  Yeah.. on Friday.

Yep... so shockingly enough, as annoying as I am and my repetitive no's (usually because I'm seriously swamped or have something seriously more important to do) I still have a job.  Yay me!
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