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So life took over for ... wow.. a long while.  It's not that I haven't wanted to write, it's just that every time I came here I didn't know what to say, so I didn't say anything.  That's usually how things work with me.  Recently (last couple of months) things have gotten really busy as well.  The Little Lady has turned 18.  That's always a huge event.  She went out to dinner with friends on her birthday, but that's it so far.  

I'm also seeing someone.  Her father.

Yes, the man I haven't talked to in 18 years and avoided quite well reached out and contacted me (again).  After all these years and trying to move away from the anger I keep around like a warm fuzzy blanket (not towards him) I replied to an email.  It was a long emotional email but I said quite a lot.  Oddly enough he still wanted to talk to me, so after a couple of days and stressful (for me) emails, I called him.  I waited because I'd been sick with a head cold thanks to a season change.  

The first few phone calls were awkward.  How do you talk to someone you purposefully avoided for so long?  It was painful and emotional and we got through it.  Things are still hard but we are working through everything one day, one conversation, at a time.  

Then came the best part... the fact that even after all this time, we still loved one another.  Oddly enough, I find it perfectly amazing.  He accepts me for who I am now and that means the world to me.  It's hard to find someone who doesn't want to change you in some way.  There's a lot of other details about this but I won't be posting them here, personal blog or not, I tend to be fairly private about a lot of things.

I'm off for now.  
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