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nosy.pngThis is a post about, obviously, nosy people who can't seem to keep out of my personal life.  Well, I have some advice for you: Stop. Just stop right now. My personal life, my relationship with my daughter's father, is absolutely none of your business. We have enough to work though regarding those who are involved for reasons that are, to be completely blunt, none of your fucking business.  You sticking your nose in where it doesn't belong to stir shit up is just you being an asshole.  

Having ex-boyfriends decide to create fake accounts and contact my sweetheart to tell him all those dirty nasty secrets doesn't work. Would you like to know why? Because he already knows. He also knows more than what you told him. He knows everything. Every dirty little secret. This includes what you didn't tell him. So there. Go suck on that.  I bet you didn't think I would tell him everything. I bet you thought that your little message to him would make him end things with me. Well, it didn't. Not just because I had already told him either, but because he and I have been together before. We loved each other then and we love each other now. We always have and always will. That isn't going to change. Oh, and yes, it was me that answered the phone at the office and yes, I knew that it was you calling. 

People from the past coming out of the woodwork to text his phone when he didn't have it, nice, real nice.  We know who you are.  We know what you said.  Do you know why? It's because there is open communication, as much as possible, between us. He tells me everything and I tell him everything. This is how things work between he and I.  We want our relationship to be based on complete honesty. That's the way it will always be. No secrets. 

I don't understand though. I'm not involved in your lives at all. Not one little bit. Does it hurt you? Does it upset you so much that I don't want to be your friend that you feel you need to try to hurt me, hurt us? Does your life suck so horribly that ruining others lives makes you feel better in some minor way for a few seconds? Let me tell you a little something else: I have changed. I do my best not to wish anything bad on anyone. There are those times that I still do when my anger and rage run high, but I am human and I am far from perfect. However, I will never, not once, stick my nose into your lives. I have no need to know who you are screwing with or who said what about you. Mostly because I don't give a fuck. When the friendship or relationship or whatever was over and done with I moved on. I took the lessons I learned from it and used it to shape who I've become. I do my damnedest each and every day to be a positive person, to see the good in others. I accept each person I meet as they are. It isn't my place to tell them they are good, bad, or anything at all. So with the way that you are acting, be careful. You're going to end up having the same thing happen right back to you. Although it won't be done by me even though I have had to urge to do so I have ignored it and put it behind me. 

I know what mistakes I have made in the past.  I know there are a lot of them that I can't fix and that I won't be forgiven for. But I am who I am now, not who I was then and it concerns me that what is going on in my life affects you so very much that you have to make attempts to ruin it. So, last piece of advice: Stop worrying about what is going on in my life, my relationships, me altogether because I don't stop to think one iota about you until you rear your ugliness in my life. Then I deal with the situation in the best way perceived by me and mine and move on, like I did when I walked away and out of your life for the very many reasons you gave me to do just that. 

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