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broken.jpgDo you see this? That piece down there hanging precariously? (Ignore the dust dammit, I never use the desk.) I came home today chatting away on the phone with my best friend. I carried the laptop upstairs and sat down at the desk to continue my conversation with her. A short while later an adorable cat who deems us worthy of caring for her named Peanut walked upstairs to see why I was neglecting her. After slipping behind the desk and peeking at me over it (which I don't have a picture of because I was too busy chatting and listening) Peanut decided she had to be on my lap. So onto my lap she found her way, I'm still not sure how. Then she stood there for a good minute before laying down as if she didn't know what to do with herself. About two minutes after she finally made herself comfortable the piece of wood that has something to do with the keyboard tray moving in and out popped loose. I tried figuring out, while still on the phone and with a cat on my lap, if it would just 'pop' back into place. No luck there though, it's never that easy, right? So I'll have to eventually take the hammer up there and tap it back in so that I don't have to put this kitty outside like the bad cat she is. (No, I wouldn't really put her outside. The neighborhood dogs would eat her alive.)

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