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kcgl.jpg Here it is. Another birthday. Another birthday wish. Lately I've been giving them away. Wishing good things for others. This year it's about health. There are so many people I love and their loved ones who are sick, whether it be with something general like the flu, which lately has been like some huge super bug, or something even harder to beat, like cancer, it seems everyone is sick. I hear a lot of "The doctors don't know what's wrong. They ran all these tests and they don't know." 

 Hearing that makes me wonder. What are they teaching these days in medical school? If the machines and the tests don't give them a clear answer they stop looking, shake their heads, shrug their shoulders and give up? Why? 

 Anyway, I'm not a doctor. So, I hope to all of my loved ones and your loved ones good health and happiness and to their doctors to figure out how to cure what ails them.

 I also hope you have a safe and fun-filled St. Patrick's Day. Go get lucky!

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