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gratitude.jpgI found this on Pinterest today, specifically for this post. Well, I was looking and looking and looking.. you ever been to Pinterest? There's a ridiculous amount of great and amazing stuff there. I rarely have a hard time finding anything I look for there and so I've been using it a lot more for photos to go with my writing. 


I've been in a thunderstorm of a mood today. Not just any normal thunderstorm. I'm talking the kind that shake the house and rattle the windows. I think I've done pretty good keeping it contained for most of the day. There was an incident I almost attacked someone with it, but I took a deep breath and dealt with it another way. I did take some time to rant with a couple of trustworthy people and even asked the opinion of one, then tossed a suggestion into the box to {possibly} rectify the issue. I won't discuss it here. 

I'm trying extremely hard not to be negative and full of rage by thinking of things that I am grateful for in my bubble. Breathing slowly and deeply doesn't always work, so thinking of the good things is another barrier between me and the swirling rage. While I am still pretty irritable for whatever reason I haven't gone off on anyone today. Or myself. That's a huge plus because I am always the first one that ridicules me. There are people out there who probably think I think I'm perfect in every way, but trust me, that sentiment is far from the truth, so far in fact, if you stated it as fact you might be smote.

So don't state it as fact. Unless I truly dislike you, then please feel free. {Do it around me though, okay? I've never witnessed a smiting before....}

Things I'm so totally grateful for today:

  • My health. The Little Lady is sick again and coworkers are sick again. I'm doing my damnedest to stay the hell away from all parties.
  • This silly kitty. Even though I don't want anything to do with her {so I say anyway} she snuggles up with me shortly after I get home and demands attention on a regular basis, regardless of what I want. Sometimes she knows just what I need.
  • Work. Pays what bills I can afford. They gave me a cube. Finally. I didn't even have to jello/pudding wrestle for it. They may be giving me more work but it's work that will possibly be a challenge, though the person supervising that work thinks I will still be bored to near suicidal tendencies per usual.
  • My Jade tree and my Orchids and my cactus and my angel plant. They are looking fabulous and they are still alive. I have  the damnedest time keeping plants alive. I think my time out west must have given me a tiny bit of green thumb. Miniscule, probably, but hey, it's helping. My orchids, which I didn't think would bloom a second time {thought I wrecked them...} are growing the new spikes as promised and that means they'll bloom. The Jade tree has a little itty bitty baby and that one is going to a coworker when it gets to the proper size to be moved.
  • The roof over my head and the food in my fridge. Each day I am grateful for these things. While I have never been truly homeless if it weren't for others there are times I would be.
  • This laptop. It truly is amazing. Even with the annoying schitzophrenic quirks that irritate me to no end. I suppose it makes me stop to be patient? I don't know. 

Ok, your turn. Go make your list and post it, then let me know via disillusioned at or chelle at and I will post a link to it. Or, use the handy dandy comment form below, featuring ReCaptcha as your gatekeeper.

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