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learningcurve.jpgI enjoy learning new things, especially at work, because that means less boredom going on in my bubble. Some things I can learn pretty quick, some things I can learn pretty quick but if I don't use that knowledge often {say once every six months or so} then I have to ask for a refresher, other things take time and practice. 

I've never used Illustrator. I've never been trained to use Illustrator. I'm learning to use it at work though. Today I got to do an actual box layout instead of just swapping out images and changing font sizes. I kept getting interrupted though, which caused me to forget which measurements were which and that right there will mess you up.  However, once I got most of everything else out of the way and asked a quick question and looked at another paper {realizing I had the wrong height} I was able to almost complete the box layout. I still have to line up all the panels and resize the images that will go on the box, but woohoo, I did my first box layout.

Yes, I know, boring box layouts. However, learning a new skill at work might get me more money. Not today, nor tomorrow {or anywhere else in the middle of the year} but perhaps review time at the end of the year.

Yay, me... !

{image found at: http://incentive-intelligence.typepad.com/incentive_intelligence/2007/06/its_a_sprint_no.html}

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