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Do you have your rewards card?

rewards.jpgI think this is the worst question ever. I hate hearing it. No, I don't have my rewards card. Well you can give me your phone number! Okay, let's try this again. I do not have a rewards card. Do you want to sign up, it's FREE! {And of course, because it's FREE, everyone should WANT ONE.} I think {yes, very dangerous, I know} that instead of giving away free rewards cards that give people free points or free prizes, or discounts, or whatever the fuck you give them, you should lower your prices and start helping to save the planet. Those rewards cards are made of plastic and they make the items you sell cost more because of how fucking expensive plastic things are these days. Yes, I know, they are probably made in China, but so what, that still costs a lot more to make than to lower their fucking prices. 

Coupons... The same thing with freaking coupons. Why can't they just charge reasonable prices? Oh, I'm lazy because I don't want to clip coupons. That's very true, I don't want to clip coupons, but it isn't because I'm lazy. I do have a full-time, 8hrs a day job, plus there are two other jobs I do when I am not at work, and a house to clean, a cat to pet and I also have to have time to shower, otherwise things could get a little awkward at the office, not to mention my requirement of food. {I. Require. Food.} I'm thrilled that there are people in the world who can walk out of the store with $1,000 dollars worth of food and only pay like 2 cents. Would I like to be one of those people? Yes, I would. Perhaps I could be. They say you should buy a paper for each person in your household. And there is where a problem is. I can't afford to get a Sunday paper, let alone a daily paper and two on top of it. Why yes, I could be one of those people who buys one paper from the machine and steals the second, but I'm really not into stealing newspapers.

The only rewards card I have that actually has made sense to me so far is my Kmart rewards card. They give you points, those points equal like 25% of a penny or something and when you get enough points you can have them take that off your total. However, I have noticed that in the recent times of using my card have they haven't told me how many points I have and they have not asked me if I want to use the points towards my total. This pisses me off to no end because then I get emails from them on occasion stating that I have such and such points that are DUE TO EXPIRE any nanosecond from now. Okay, so why the fuck did the cashier not look at my fucking points when I checked out and said 'oh gee ma'am ya got sum points here 'bout to expire. would ya like ta use 'em?' {No Exaggeration Needed.}

Why? Because they don't want you to use them, they want you to keep letting them add up and expire and add up again and expire so that you never use them, so that you never get a discount. I've had cashiers there tell me they couldn't tell me how many points I have or that it would be on my receipt {which last I checked, I get my receipts digitally emailed to me to refrain from killing two trees} however, I have not seen it on a printed receipt in quite awhile.

Oh but you could print out coupons from the intrawebz! Why yes, yes I could and sometimes I have, and then by the time I go to use them, poof, expired, no new coupon to replace it. So killing a tree and wasting ink, which is really freaking expensive, even buying two black cartridges and a color at Sam's is freaking expensive.

Then they blame the cost of food on the cost of transportation. Which, of course, blames the cost of transportation on the cost of fuel. Yes, that *is* a problem. However, I don't think that the cost is so significant that you need to mark everything up and force people to join a rewards program or use coupons to get a decent price on food and necessities. 

End. Rant.

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