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dreamer.jpg I have always considered myself a dreamer. I can daydream up all kinds of fantastical things. I enjoy reading stories about fantastical things, movies are even better though because then I can sit back and enjoy it with the visualization created for me. I enjoy creating. I enjoy watching others be creative. I love new ideas, those are the best, especially when you are working with someone who clicks with you in all the right ways and you come up with something pretty amazing. 

Lately I haven't been feeling all that creative. I try to write, nothing much comes of it. I write here, it sometimes gets published, other times it sits in draft and stays there to collect dust. I'm okay with that though because it means somewhere I am making an effort. You have to do that when it comes to doing things you love. You have to do them, you have to make an effort. Just like you're supposed to exercise at least 5 minutes a day {at least that's what the Wii Trainers always told me...} you also have to use that creative muscle, stretch it and build it. I've learned new things helping the totally awesome graphic designer at work, but I still feel like I'm being held back. I'm not sure why or how. Hopefully I can figure it out and move onto something incredible. Until then, I'll keep chipping at the wall.

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Disillusioned is a personal view of the world around me. A lot of information will be about books I read, or shows/movies I watch but sometimes there will be something that simply has to be pointed out and shredded. With Joy.

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Yeah, that's me! I am 25 37, I live in Ohio. I have one beautiful teenage daughter and one lovable cat. I enjoy writing, reading, television, anime and annoying my daughter. I'm also trying to learn Japanese because I want to visit Japan someday. Yes, I'm over 30 and I like anime, do you have an issue with that?

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