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Lately this seems to be the phrase that comes out of my mouth often. I blame my SO {significant other} as it comes out of his mouth all the time. I've thought about using it as my 'go to' response when someone asks me questions at work, even if I know the answer, because sometimes I just find it absolutely annoying that they are asking. However, I haven't. I answer the question and try to go back into the flow of whatever I happen to be working on at the moment. Today I am annoyed.

I can't figure out why something so very simple is so very difficult for others. Two minutes of time is all I ask. Two. Minutes. However that two minutes never comes. It always ends up getting interrupted or forgotten or pushed aside, behind, over, hidden away and never remembered. All I wanted was two minutes of your time but you couldn't give that to me. There will be a reason {excuse} just like all the other times that two minutes got pushed away. 

I feel like I am asking too much. I just don't know.

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