Interrogation Part Deux

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13 Minutes.

That's all it takes to be interrogated around here. 13 minutes of overtime. However, they only asked me about that specific day. There wasn't any mention of me being here 2/3 minutes early and clocking out 2/3 minutes late. Simply that 13 minutes that I was here for whatever reason.

It was probably when I was doing data entry. Technically, I don't get overtime. "We do not pay overtime" is what I'm told. However, that's also quite illegal. Interrogating people about it is even worse. I am not even supposed to be the one asked about it. My supervisor is supposed to be asked and then if they don't know they are supposed to ask me. I dislike it when someone new is in charge of something like this. Then you have to go through the whole training thing again with them. Take off the overtime unless I am at the front desk. If I don't get the front desk overtime then I won't cover it any longer. 

Honestly, I should start keeping track of every single project I do and how long it takes me from start to finish and then start making a fuss about not getting the little bit of overtime pay that I have earned. Although that would be a lot more work, keeping track of every single thing I do.. I can see the nightmare now. A spreadsheet filled with project name, start time, finish time, who it was assigned by and whatever other pertinent information I could think of.  I really should do that. It would help me more than anyone else.

I did go to my new supervisor and let him know that I was interrogated just in case they ask him as well and to let him know that if it happens again I might go to the next level. He said if it happens again to let him know and that he will go to the next level. Which is really nice and not what I expected at all. I almost hope for it to happen again. {I found it endearing that he informed me that it was illegal when I told him as well.}

Although if I do get interrogated again I would have a new target for my penny revenge... 

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