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The waiting game. I feel like each day is a new adventure or a new level of waiting. Waiting to find out what to do next. Waiting for that phone call that never comes. If there is one thing I have learned throughout this life it is how much I despise waiting.

I do my best to fill the in-between times when I am waiting for the next project to be given or papers to be filed. It can be anything from reading an article to following a tutorial. I've noticed recently that my internet access at work has increased. I can even access Disillusioned and my movable type install. I can search for photos of items to put in our folders so that it comes up in our system. I was able to look up flight and car rental information for the boss. It has been quite a long time. I even accidentally accessed Facebook.

I'm not sure why my access was increased or even who is responsible for it. I am just fine with that however. It helps fill those in-between times when I don't have much to work on {or nothing at all}. Every time I go to work on the newsletter I get given another project. I am supposed to do it using In Design but if this keeps up it will be done in Word 2010 again.

Sometimes those in-between times fill me with a little dread. What if someone finds out I don't have anything to do? When I am home and experience this it makes me feel a little useless. I have things that need to be done. That doesn't mean I want to do them though. I try to fill those times with things I want to do but a lot of times I end up vegetating in front of the tv and/or Facebook.

I need to find some motivation. How do you inspire yourself to do things that you don't want to do?

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