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Total Rantification Needed. You Have Been Warned.


angryeyes.jpgLately I feel extremely overwhelmed and I feel like I am constantly, repeatedly, taken advantage of and  I am tired of it. I officially assist three people. I have no issues doing the assignments given to me by them. However when others decide to get in on the bandwagon, even if it is once in a blue moon, and nothing major, it pisses me the fuck off. My workday is 8 hours long. 2 hours of those don't technically count because  I spend 1.5 hours covering the front desk and then my half an hour lunch. So for two hours I can't even do my own work because it's our busy season and the front desk explodes during this time of year. It won't settle down until there is snow on the ground again. I don't have an issue with that though, it's fine, it is a part of my job to cover the desk and I do so willingly. The other 6 hours of the day are spent on various projects such as data entry, filing, pricing changes on purchase orders and now I help with the graphic design department. I also do the newsletter and because I assist the design department that means doing it in Illustrator or InDesign so that I learn those programs. Since I am new to both it takes me a lot longer than those who have been working in years to do the projects. So a 5 minute box layout for my supervisor takes me longer because I want to make sure things line up properly and are sized properly. I want to make sure that the right logo and web address is on there. Sometimes I have to create barcodes for them, sometimes I don't. I'm still in the learning process. So when someone tosses a piece of paper on my chair without speaking to me because I stepped away for two minutes to go fix someone else's IT problem {because sometimes even those who know a lot about some programs but not others need assistance, too} it pissed me off to the point that I gave it back. I didn't have time to mail out your piece of paper. I had box layouts to do. I had a newsletter to finish because it needs proofed by four fucking people before it can go out. I had filing to take care of, which is caught up. I have purchase orders to take care of and now I also have recently added to my plate the requirement of babysitting someone who makes twice or more than I do. Sure, sure, I am responsible for every project that crosses my plate but because so many people constantly interrupt for every little thing repeatedly through the day, I now have to make sure that they get this specific thing done. Which means more paperwork on my desk, more folders on my desk, constant monitoring of my email because more items are being forwarded to me. 

Now, let's give a little perspective. Most of the time my days run slow and cold, meaning I have little to do and lots of time to do it in. However, it usually means that others are waiting for other people to give them information or are waiting on paperwork. So when everything is floating around Monday, Tuesday and sometimes Wednesday morning it means I am waiting for it to get to me. By Wednesday afternoon I am slammed through Friday and sometimes still busy on Monday, depending on the type of projects. This is mostly because people are so whiny, so full of bitching and moaning, that instead of sitting at their desk and checking things off and getting things done, or working with each other in a teamwork type manner, they are wandering around the office complaining. I don't have this, I don't have that, So and So didn't do Such and Such. I have to wander here and complain to this person and you know what maybe I'll go over and complain to this person and the second someone needs or wants something from me I'm going to tell them to shut up and treat them like garbage because I need to be the center of everything and no one ever helps poor little me.

The time spent whining and crying and bitching and moaning could have been used to fold, stuff, seal and stamp not only that piece of paper you so rudely dropped on my chair without even asking until I hunted you down, it could have been used to do all the statements on statement day. I truly love how one person was so kind to point out to you that the time you took to rant to them about something, effectively cutting off your rambling, that you could have completed the project you were whining about. 

I whine about my job. I do. I truly do. Especially when I am given a shitload of data entry and that person then goes to wander around the office and chit chat while I bust my ass to get it in before the end of the day, depending on the type it is. Yes, I could go find a new job, however, my vacation time has pretty much all been taken by the Little Lady and is scheduled for graduation, orientation and move in day. The other one has been taken off because I hate going to work the day after Independence Day when I don't get home at a decent hour {although I may not go anywhere this year at all}.  I have one day unscheduled and I'm saving that fucker for a mental health day, not job hunting. Even if I did find a new job, I'd have to start all over and I can't afford to pay my bills now as it is and I am very frugal with my money.

The other thing that pisses me off is after I told you I didn't have time to do your little paper folding and stuffing you went and gave it to someone else. Someone who has never had to fold that specific form and therefore couldn't figure out how to do so. Someone who came to me and asked me if I knew the trick behind getting it to fit the window properly. Yes, I should have just fucking done it and threw it on your desk, unsealed and unstamped, but I refuse. I refuse to do anything for you. And don't fucking yell out to the entire office that no one ever helps you because that is a damn lie. You suck people in and force them to help you all the time. You whine and cry and wander the office looking for help, looking for someone else to do your work for you. If you can't find anyone to help you then you complain and whine and cry that you have no time and you have to get everything done right this minute! Not. My. Problem.

When was the last time you did anything for others in my type of position? When is the last time you covered the front desk while I was out of the office? Did you offer to do so when I was out on the 1st? I didn't see you stepping up to say you would watch it from 8 to 830 that day I was gone. All I ever see is the drama you cause, the whining, the complaining, the wandering around the office and listening to your phone ring when you either aren't at your desk or refuse to answer it because you don't want to talk to that person. 

I'm sorry that you are so unhappy and unfulfilled in your life and your job but I refuse to take responsibility for it because it's your own damn fault. If you are so unhappy there why are you still there? Oh, because people put up with the whining, bitching and moaning. People deal with the yelling across the office, the yelling through the speakerphone and the constantly caustic attitude and being told to shut up/go away. Do you have any idea whatsoever how you come across to the people around you who don't work directly with you? It makes me wonder what you'd think if you saw someone acting out like that. Would you even realize that it's exactly the way you behave? Would it make you think twice before acting like that again? I believe a resounding "NO" is the answer to each of those questions.

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