letter.jpgDear Person Who Truly Pissed Me The Fuck Off,

I am sick. Some combination between a head cold and allergies. My supervisor so kindly let me go home for half the day yesterday. I got home about 20 after 12, changed, took out my contacts and brushed my teeth. Then I crawled into bed with the cat snuggled up close to fall asleep. Then you came busting in asking very loudly what I was doing home early. Not that it is any of your business, because it isn't. Then it didn't matter that I was IN BED, you open the door and say loudly {again}, 'OH, are you sick? Do you have THE FLU?'.... I was 30 seconds from falling into a deep dreamless state of actual, real, revitalizing sleep. And you fucking screwed it up. I don't sleep well often so when I actually feel that type of sleep coming on I try to seize it like a thirsty person lost in the desert does water. But no, you fucked it all up. I didn't sleep that afternoon. I was exhausted and barely capable of anything all evening. I didn't get much sleep last night either. 

So from now on when I leave work due to illness I won't be coming home. I'll go to a fleatrap motel before I come home just to have you crashing through the door again demanding information that doesn't concern you. I know that I have to be grateful to you for certain things but it doesn't mean that I don't hold your asshole attitude against you each and every time it presents itself.

I await patiently the day that I can say goodbye.


Serious bummer. Hope you let her live. And I hope you get to feeling better soon.

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